Food items being asked for as donations to Spence’s phony hunger strike


There are some very strange items listed on Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement’s Facebook page:

Items/donations needed for Chief Spence’s camp on Victoria Island

Bottled water.

Clear Garbage Bags for clothes.

long-johns, skirts, socks, hats, scarfs.




Canned Goods.

Moose, Deer, or Fish.

Stove Pipe coming out of top of Tipi catching Fire need a modification.





Canvas for shelter.


Boots (Size 12)


Money for gas. (see here)

Food, gas money and size 12 boots?

Also: Sun News’ Ezra Levant rips apart Spence’s phony hunger strike and shreds her credibility showing Attawapiskat First Nation’s financials including how much Spence’s family is making off the back’s of taxpayers and band members here

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  1. Liz J Says:

    Don’t forget the toilet paper.

  2. burton Says:

    Huh?! No Ice re-surfacer?

  3. milt w. Says:

    Yes she is full of it or do all hunger strikes cause weight gain?

  4. dmorris Says:

    IF the government can ever get their hands on the books,which will probably fall victim to an unfortunate fire at the Band office just after a Court order is issued, they will find many sleight-of-hand type contracts to Band Chiefs and Councillors. That is how the system works.

    Spence should be auditted by Revenue Canada, and the RCMP should conduct an unannounced raid on the Band offices before they have a chance to destroy the evidence.

    This farce of Indians somehow owning the Country they immigrated to ,the same as every other immigrant group, has to be stopped once and for all,and the perpetrator,Spence and co., charged and brought to real justice, as in prison time, not “circle sentencing”.

    Most Indian politicians are watching this immorality play with bated breath,hoping to hell she succeeds,because if Spence IS properly investigated,they know they will soon be in the same position.

    Hundreds of de facto dictators MAY be about to lose their kingdoms.

  5. Brian Mouland Says:

    Betcha she ends up 20 pounds heavier after her hunger strike

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    Who’s Chief Spends & boyfriends stock broker and how much action is he seeing?Maybe someone should ask Charlie Angus….but then again, he doesn’t believe in following the money when it’s been missing in HIS riding for 7 years.It’s all about Harper bashing and showboating with this guy.

  7. wilson Says:

    The antiCons should have learned by now that PMSH will be able to turn this into a historic plus, one for the history books.
    Grassroots First Nations are in the good hands of Prime Minister Harper, perhaps they sense this, thusly the IdleNoMore movement.
    PMSH wrote policy for the Reform Party, he has a solid grasp of Native issues and can be trusted to advance grassroots solutions, hopefully thru the Jan 24 meeting with Chief Atleo ( I am assuming he agrees to the meeting with Atleo).

  8. ohboy Says:

    I well remember being in the Lillooet Hotel bar in about 1974.In those days the Reynolds Hotel was the ‘white’ bar and the Lillooet Hotel was the ‘native’ bar in town. I was living on the Pavilion reserve then so ,though never much of a barfly, did find myself in the Reynolds occaisionally and the Lillooet rarely. This was about the time that the ‘AIM’ movement was in full swing; (google it if you’re unfamiliar) and there was an influx of American natives up in Canada avoiding whatever it was they were avoiding US authorities for at that time.
    This particular Friday night a young guy invited himself at the table and as it was quiet, I didn’t object. He said he was from South Dakota and was himself from AIM and up here in Canada on a recruiting drive. Unfortunately early in the conversation he got into ‘ragging on the white man’ and how he was destroying the land and ‘the people’ and blah,blah,blah.
    I listened to his rant for a while and then asked him by how much did he and his group benefit from the white man’s technology? I also pointed out that he was dressed as a cowboy with hat, denim jacket, cowboy boots. jeans,neck scarf and big silver buckle. I also asked him how he got here from the States and that he was drinking beer,while it was paid for with white man’s money.
    About that point, all conversation failed when I said that I could take him more seriously if he were living and dressing traditionally. At this point he jumped up kicking over the table and cussing that ‘they’ were going to ‘get us honkies’ but good.
    Well as I said it was the native bar, and it was Friday night and it was filling up…so it was time to leave!
    They were blockading the roads in and out of Lillooet at that time and causing lots of disruption; however we were off on a pack trip up the river ,(Fraser) so roads weren’t much of a problem for us.
    We heard later that a young hitchiker had had the sad misfortune of running into these guys on the road and was found unconcious in a ditch with sticks stuffed into his ears to the point of serious permenant damage.
    I decided that Lillooet was ‘too politically volatile’ and though I did in fact have some good friends on the reserve, it was nonetheless a tenuous venture; so we loaded up our horses and gear and left the area to its own devices at that time.

  9. Fat Tony Says:

    Flags are required. Something to hang upside down.
    Once she is down to a single chin, her health my be in danger.

  10. kootenaybob Says:

    Reblogged this on kootenaybob and commented:
    She really does have big boots to fill…

  11. Jen Says:



    Federal funding for Attawapiskat First Nation

    by Attawapiskat and Mining » Sun Aug 21, 2005 1:20 pm

    Federal funding for Attawapiskat First Nation . . .

    AND At


    Note: check out her three part series on the topic sttarting with:
    The Misconceptions In Bill C45 That Sparked ‘Idle No More’ – Part One: Reserve Lands

    Published January 1, 2013


  12. Jen Says:

    Charlie Angus knows how gullible and stupid the media are to say whatever he pleases without interuption. He is definitely not for the natives at ATTAWAPISKAT. I wonder(just wonder) how much out of that 90+million dollars from taxpayers have gone into his pocket. This twirp seems to know everyone’s business yet knows NOTHING of his own when it comes to ATTAWAPISKAT.

  13. Fay Says:

    Charlie Angus is only representing the all powerful Chief’s. It is obvious he does care about the” little guy” on these reservations in his constituency. Shame

  14. Ontario Girl Says:

    On Ezra tonight…Charley Angus was questioned about the money going to Chief Spends res…..his response was..who said this? Ezra? It’s BULL S–T. Must of hit a nerve. I think he’s behind this Chief Spends BS hunger strike(diet). He says she is weak…then we see her on CBC shuttling off to a hotel(probably for pizza with her daughter) This is just the desperate NDPQ trying to get back into the media limelight the only way they know how. Angus had his 15 min. of fame a year ago and wants MORE..MORE..MORE…like the chief.
    Now she is demanding Dalton Mc Lier be at the meeting with PM Harper. Crooks of a feather stick together.

    • Brian Mouland Says:

      Angus didnt even notice Attawapiskat until 2010 even though he has represented that region for years

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