Sun News’ Levant responds again to Star’s Delacourt – calls her version of interview a ‘lie’


This is what I received from the Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt Jan 2 after she had said Sun News’ Ezra Levant libelled her and Levant responded by sending me a line from her original email which showed that part of Delacourt’s version to be untrue (see here).

Below Delacourt’s newest email, you will see a follow-up email that I received from Levant where he calls her a “liar”.


Here is the story I sent to Ezra:

From April 15 to May 1, when I should have been covering the election, I spent most nights at the emergency ward of the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Then I went into work, drained each day. Do you have parents? Do you know what this is like?

My Dad has a heart condition and he had pneumonia. I was worn out.  I didn’t want to cover election night, which meant leaving Ottawa to go to Toronto. My Dad was having tests in the hospital on May 3.
I went to Liberal headquarters on May 2 — I did not want to go, I was worried about my Mom, who was as exhausted as I was. I did go. The Star asked me to be there. I couldn’t file anything; I was pretty much useless to them. Dad, that night, was back at the Civic again, doctors worried he wouldn’t make it.

The next morning, Ignatieff held his final news conference. I was barely listening. My Mom sent me a message in the middle of it, asking me to call her. It turns out that the doctors wanted to test my Dad for a lung tumour; they thought the pneumonia had lasted too long. I left the room and called her.

I went upstairs before the news conference was over. My Mom was crying and asking when I could come home. I went back into the news conference to tell Les, my colleague, that I had to go home. I saw the other reporters hugging Peter Donolo and sobbing. Yes, I said to Ezra, that scene was affecting, and it’s possible I shed a few tears, watching them, but my mind was in another place.

I went up to the lobby and waited for a cab to go the airport. Les came to get me, Peter Donolo came over and said goodbye. I was upset. About my Dad.

When Ezra emailed me a few days later, he said he heard I was crying at the hotel with Peter Donolo. I told him the whole story. He put on air that I was crying over Ignatieff’s loss. Full. Total. Lie.
So now you know the whole story. “It’s possible I shed a few tears,” is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts of that day.

I have not publicized or made a fuss of this story because it would upset my parents. (Who are now fine, by the way… Dad’s had two surgeries.) But the fact that you guys think this is all fun and games is something for which you’ll have to answer somewhere down the line. I’m glad I’ve never done it.


Susan’s just making stuff up, because she’s embarrassed. We corresponded by e-mail. If I actually said the things she claims I did, she could show the world. Liar


11 Responses to “Sun News’ Levant responds again to Star’s Delacourt – calls her version of interview a ‘lie’”

  1. john Says:

    I don’t believe a word of that whole thing. This is a typical weaselly defence. When you have nothing else, go for the sympathy move.

    This is how it works: When you are cornered invent a story or embellish an existing story in such a way as to elict maximum sympathy from uncommitted bystanders so that those who oppose you will be unable to continue the attack without being branded as insensitive scoundrels.

    ……Little Miss Innocent – “Yes, Mr. store manager I know it appears that I was shoplifting but really I was so stressed out because my mom is dying of … umm… acute Bulgaria and little sister Emmy Sue needs an operation for her to walk again and Pa is gonna lose the farm to the greedy mining corporation and Ol’ Yeller just got rabies and and and”.

    …..Manager – “Yes, but Miss we have a strict policy of prosecuting shopl…..”

    …..Crowd of Surrounding Customers – “You monster!” “You cad!” “How cruel!” “Have you no heart!?”

    …..Manager – “Um… well… I guess we could ignore it just this once uh umm” (runs off)

    Victory to Little Miss Innocent.

    • Jen Says:

      Not even did shre bothered to investigate why the NDP were given extensions just like the liberals to repay their loans to EC, which Dalacourt like her colleagues at the Star refused to go after yet these reporters waste no time emblishing the smallest nonsense like Oda’s $16 orange juice into an sensational story for months.

      I don’t hear nor saw Delacourt going after Valeriote over the GUELP Robocall which came from his campaign.

      No-the Toronto Star nor CBC, ctv, global, toronto star, globe and mail, are allowed to touch the liberal party and ndp with negative writing.

    • Jen Says:

      When a parent becomes seriously ill and your boss hears about it he will not hesitate to releive you of your job that very night to rush at his bedside that same afternoon. Which tells me that Delacourt didn’t do that she remained behind until May 3 when her father felt ill on May 2

  2. Blame Crash Says:

    True or not, none of this changes the fact that the Media Party of Toronto has no respect for the truth when it doesn’t suit their agenda. Nor does it change the fact that the Toronto Media Party is the propaganda arm of the Toronto Liberal Party and that the Toronto Liberal Party is the political arm of the Toronto Media Party. It’s that obvious!

  3. Thucydides Says:

    People actually read Delacourt or the Star? Who knew?

    Perhaps if people like that turned their creative powers to investigating what happened to the $90 million of taxpayer money the Attawapiskat reserve received, or why Liberal Party leadership candidates were able to delay paying their campaign debts for so long without penalty, or where the rest of the Adscam money is, or why guncrime in Toronto had been escalating all through the years of the gun registry or, or, or; you know, real news and not a contrived narrative, then perhaps we could take what they said and did seriously.

    But since they have spent years establishing themselves as mouthpieces to transmit a narrative, and not as serious news reporters, then they should not be surprised when their reputations finally catch up to them.

  4. E Mac Says:

    All true, now tell us what she had for snacks. How can people be so gullible?
    The PM will visit with her on the 11th of January – Will there be time before she wastes away to nothing?
    Moose burgers are so…passé!

  5. john Says:

    Miss Delacourt makes a serious mistake. For years she has abused her position as (what was SUPPOSED TO BE) a trusted teller of the truth.

    She has used this position to further her preferred political and social aims by slanting, spinning and carefully editing the truth so as to manipulate the opinion and information available to the reader.

    Now, she tells us a story and expects that us to believe it without question and garner our sympathy for that story.

    Why should we? Are we to expect her behavior is somehow, suddenly, dramatically and instantly different from that which she has exhibited for years?

    No thank you Miss Delacourt. Now, please stop talking.

  6. Liz J Says:

    There are reporters who report the news, just the facts, then there are the rest of them, the spinners of the facts to make them fit a specific agenda.

    The PPG is one venue to present themselves as neutral while they very obviously are anything but.

    Then we have the political show offerings from CTV’s Don Martin and CBC’s Solomon who also present as neutral. At least we can figure out for ourselves what they really represent, time and again they show their true leanings in how they treat their “guests” and how they interrupt and try to interfere with trains of thought of those they don’t agree with.

    All we want is honesty and they cannot fake it. A little bit of class would help too and you can’t fake that either.

  7. james Says:

    No sympathy from me at all. These people don’t hesitate to ruin lives and muckrake all day. Total and complete slime.

  8. Mark Says:

    I don’t believe one word of her story. She is a liberal hack and she is using her parents as a cover for her partisanship and lack of professionalism. If the Star had any standards they would have fired her years ago. But it would be uncouth for the Liberal’s house paper to fire a Liberal writer.

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