Journalism school instructor calls people “idiots” for voting Conservative

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If you would like a prime example of why the crop of journos being churned out of J-schools are generally rabid anti-Conservatives, take a look above at what was posted on BC’s Langara Journalism’s Facebook page.

I’ve been told that the administrators on Langara Journalism are instructors so the person ‘NR’ who posted it, is a teacher:

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Nice qualified ‘apology’ huh?

Now take a look at the reactions of those who will be soon be reporting Canadian news:


Tell me how much faith you have left in journalism.







15 Responses to “Journalism school instructor calls people “idiots” for voting Conservative”

  1. Robbie Says:

    I have no faith in left journalism or, for that matter, what is left of our right to have objective journalism.

    • Brian Mouland Says:

      Took journalism back in the 1970s with the partisanship within it today would not waste my time

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    I have not had any faith in the cbc, ctv for years.
    I will not waste my time watching or listening to their biased garbage.
    This latest non-event the “starvation watch” in the tee pee is just more of the same.
    Inbetween retreats to the Hotel that is, would like a peek at the room service bill.
    I have linked to journalists who are actually asking questions.
    How someone with multiple chins does not get asked the obvious questions is typical media party bias.
    Thank God for Sun and Ezra.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Another typical non-apology. An apology only to those who were offended does not constitute an apology.
    However it’s hardly a surprise, we have loads of evidence this attitude is rampant.

  4. john Says:

    Well, first of all let’s examine what journalists do for a living. Basically nothing, theywait until someone ELSE does something noteworthy and then they gain cheap fame by saying “Hey everybody! Look what they did!” Then, of course, being mondy morning quarterbacks and armchair generals they are always ready to bless others with their self imagined wisdom.

    In short, they are useless, arrogant empty headed jackasses.

    Now there is an old saying, “Those who can’t do – teach”.

    So what is even more USELESS and arrogant than a journalist? A journalism instructor!

    Someone who couldn’t hack the deadline world of journalism. Someone who wasn’t content with distorting the information available to ….”little people” of public but needed the authority to wallow in the grovelling of whiny journalism student willing to lick his boots for objective marks.

    Really, WHAT IS THER to teach in journalism that couldn’t be learned in a couple of months of good study?

    And yet it takes these morons 2 years to get a diploma and at least 4 years for a degree! How frigging STUPID are they!?

    And, how useless are the people who take 2 to 4 years to TEACH this useless crap?

    I CHALLENGE ANY JOURNALIST OR JOURNALISM INSTRUCTOR TO COME ONTO THIS BOARD AND PROVE ME WRONG! – (Of course you won’t- you know I’m right and besides, You’re too gutless)

  5. Matty Says:

    The comment below was left on their facebook page, pretty much sums it up….

    Wally Moran

    As a working, professional journalist, I would suggest that you – and the students who agree with you – look up and commit to memory the meaning of the word ‘objective’. Then make it a core principal in your reporting and writing.
    As for your apology, it’s more than half baked – it’s raw

    • P.S. Sandman Says:

      A working, professional journalist should differentiate between principals and principles.

  6. Jen Says:

    Really? Elizabeth May said that canadians are stupid which includes that professor.
    Journalism died decades ago what we have are controlled freaks roaming in neverland. No emotions common sense intregrity or for that self-respect is left in their smallest bone in their body.
    Fortunately there are only a handful of the thousands so call non-entities who can be considered reporters but are too afraid to disengage themselves from the robot journos.

  7. Sean M Says:

    lets face it, anyone who aspires to become a “journalist” is someone that is too stupid and too lazy to do anything of substance. The whole “profession” of “journalism” has been taken over by the terminally stupid marxist mob. People who are incapable of thinking for themselves and are bathed in the dark art of deception make up the core of those that aspire to that diseased “profession”.

  8. Just Right Says:

    Journalism school, like most university humanities faculties, has long been dedicated more to leftist indoctrination than to objective studies. They churn out ideologues by the thousands. It’s a huge problem.

    But good catch, Dean. The more exposure this sort of crap gets, the better.

  9. Godz50 Says:

    John Stossel actually spoke about this a few years back. He commented that ever since Watergate, people going into Journalism majors switched focus. Instead of being informative, investigative, fact checking etc. They have simply moved on to agenda shaping, sensationalism and trying to get their names in history.

    In the 50’s and 60’s a real journalist would not be caught dead hobnobbing politicians, socializing with “community activists” or try to force feed an issue no one really cares about (e.g. Census-gate!!!! Brenda Martin!!! Waffergate!!! Parliament prorogation!!). They read the population at large, found out what their issues were and followed up on it unlike today.

    The sad part in all this is that Journalists today wonder why 1) People are more and more confused about the news 2) Their ratings and circulation is in free fall 3) Wonder why people are not as worked up about their lazy World War 3 headlining “SCOOPS”

    Stossel summed it up best in his conclusion. “Journalism died when reporters started thinking of their profession is about THEM rather than their readers/ viewers.”

  10. Gerry from GTA Says:

    I see this also in the public school system. Even when I was a student (35+ years ago) the teachers where pushing Trudeau and were shocked when I did not drool over P.E.T. — but to give them credit they asked me why I was against him and accepted my arguments at face value even though they did not agree with me. I was not penalized at all despite my thought process. At that time we were taught to think for oneself and to argue for one’s beliefs. But what I see now is the educational system via the teachers push political agendas — global warming — social agendas/engineering — political parties of the left. To think outside the “PC” accepted thought process is now penalized and seen as aberrant and/or ignorant. What has been lost is the art of independent thinking. It is strongly discouraged in the educational system. I have seen this reflected in corporate Canada in the last decade or so to the detriment of the companies & shareholders.

    I personally now equate journalism with propaganda equivalent to Goebbels & Stalin. The Toronto Red Star is more opinion than news reporting. The CBC also. The Globe and Mail has a bit more news but also very heavily tainted with opinion. If the reporters said what they said about an aboriginal leader what they say about P.M. Harper, it would be taken to a human rights commission for propagating hate. Funny how it works one way and not the other.

    The Ottawa Press Gallery is a joke. There is so much bias. It is a “elitist club of a uniform political agenda”. Where were these people during Chretien, Trudeau and Martin eras if they believed in journalistic integrity. Somehow I remember hearing the Bloq Quebecois complaining about sponsorship scandal in Quebec as far back as 1996 in Question Period but the main stream media ignored it till circa 2004. Why? Because it may hurt their preferred party thus they conspired to be part of the coverup.

    I am disgusted with the main stream media. They are totally disconnected with the public. In the Soviet Union everybody knew the Government and the media lied. I think the public is getting that way here in Canada. The hysteria from the media over the governing party cries Armageddon. Yet reality shows otherwise.

    Best Regards,
    gerry from gta

    • BC Blue Says:

      We are not nearly at the level of Nazi Germany

      • Gerry from GTA Says:

        Very true and you are correct — but the media is very far from being free and balanced. As a child CTV was a counterpoint to CBC but I now refer to CTV as CBC2 in their reporting & bias. In Toronto CITY TV, CTV, CBC, Toronto Star & Globe & Mail are very similar if not the same in reporting.

        something to consider in how journalism students are indoctrinated. The present question is are they indoctrinated as journalism students or earlier?

        gerry from gta

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