My complaint letter to journalism college for instructor calling Conservative voters “idiots”

Langara college

My letter sent today to the Langara College President and CEO in regard to an early blog post (see here).

To: Dr. David G. Ross

It has come to my attention that an instructor in the Langara Journalism department posted a comment denigrating Conservative voters on the official Langara Journalism Facebook page (see attachments).

Although the instructor, Nicholas Read, withdrew the post following complaints and posted a short apology citing a mistake, I do not feel this was enough. As a Conservative voter, I do not appreciate being called stupid. Despite the implication that this post was made in error to a public account and not a personal account, it is unseemly that a Langara Journalism instructor considers those who vote for a Conservative party to be ‘stupid.’

Are the comments of Nicholas Read indicative of a rampant bias within the college or the Journalism Department? Are students being exposed to this kind of bias and does Langara College feel this is acceptable, either within an ethical or a
professional capacity?

I believe Nicholas Read allowed the comment to do further harm when, following his apology, he allowed comments which further denigrated Conservative voters as being illiterate or otherwise ‘stupid.’ These sorts of comments are harmful not only to courteous public discourse, but provide implied consent by their continued presence on Langara Journalism’s Facebook page.

Though the apology was made, Nicholas Read did not make it in sincerity, since he clearly meant to expose his personal circle of
friends to his hatred of Conservative voters and Conservative people. He was not sorry for having an opinion that is detrimental to his profession as educator of young, impressionable minds. He was sorry for having been caught, if you will.

I would ask that Langara College officially censure Nicholas Read for his comments and remind instructors that they are supposed to be unbiased and neutral in the face of their very public office (public service being a figurative term here).

An official notice to other instructors in the Langara Journalism Department may well also serve in this instance.

I await your reply.


Dean Skoreyko


When will the RCMP be called in on Attawapiskat?

Clayton Kennedy

Sun News’ Ezra Levant outlines some of the outrageousness that passed for accounting at Attawapiskat by Chief Theresa Spence and her boyfriend Clayton Kennedy:

In April of 2011, a “consultant” got paid $303,256. The identity of the consultant is not known. The documentation is incomplete. (see here)

Has Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan given a copy of the scathing Deloitte and Toouche audit to the RCMP yet and if not, why hasn’t he?

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