When will the RCMP be called in on Attawapiskat?

Clayton Kennedy

Sun News’ Ezra Levant outlines some of the outrageousness that passed for accounting at Attawapiskat by Chief Theresa Spence and her boyfriend Clayton Kennedy:

In April of 2011, a “consultant” got paid $303,256. The identity of the consultant is not known. The documentation is incomplete. (see here)

Has Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan given a copy of the scathing Deloitte and Toouche audit to the RCMP yet and if not, why hasn’t he?


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  1. Mary T Says:

    Who were the cheques made out to, just cash, and who signed them and deposited them. All the cancelled cheques I see in my accounting/tax business have the number of the account the money is going in to. Those cheques are somewhere.even if they are not mailed back to the reservation. I am sure those bills were not paid in cash.
    Mary T

  2. Jen Says:

    Letter from Attawapiskat: “We are in full support for an forensic audit”
    David Akin – January 7th, 2013


  3. Martin Says:

    Yet a host of political commentators yesterday tried to find the federal government at fault for somehow “leaking” the audit document, supposedly to discredit Chief Spence. After agreeing to the audit, the band now thinks it should be kept secret? As for discrediting Spence, it would be impossible for anyone to improve on the job she is doing herself.
    It is absurd that opposition MPs and former former PM Martin can find anything noble in this woman’s actions. In any other municipality in Can she would indeed be looking at criminal charges.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Chief Spence has a lot of explaining to do and she needs to be called upon to do so sooner than later.
    As for the Liberals, and I’d include Joe Clark in that lot, who trekked to her hunger teepee to offer her support against the government, they really are looking pretty ridiculous.

    Does her “boyfriend” have a background in finance or is he just collecting a salary? How can we know for sure?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The core of the made-in-Saskatchewan Idle No More movement is not backing away from Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, one of the most public and controversial faces of the national protest.


  6. burton Says:

    I see Global TV was kicked out of Attawapiskat today – It just keeps getting better.

    • Ian Says:

      Her request to have the GG attend was a hollow one because she knew he would likely refuse. She knows full well, or at least she’s been told, that he has no ability to do anything legislative. Even if the GG were to attend she would find an excuse not to attend. She’s panicking now because she knows the media is going to come at her stronger. My guess is that once the heat is turned up, she’ll hop on a plane back up north teepee and all, or disappear somewhere in Ottawa. Already they are refusing to let the media see her, so the hiding has begun.

  7. Anne in swON Says:

    To Liz J at 3:28 PM, Spence’s boyfriend, Clayton Kennedy, claims to have “completed 4 of the 5 necessary levels for designation as a Certified General Accountant” according to info. he provided.. http://www.attawapiskat.org/wp-content/uploads/Affidavit-of-Clayton-Kennedy-with-Exhibits.pdf

  8. Dave Says:

    About a week after they do their job in Caledonia.
    Enough said.

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