Ombudsman office reminds CBC News editor-in-chief she must respond to my complaint


It was back on Nov 13 that CBC Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe acknowledge my complaint about the CBC story “Military investigates video of racially charged skit” (see here) and since I had not received a reply from CBC News Editor -In-Chief Jennifer McGuire, I sent this follow-up email Dec 12:

Mr LaPointe

“By my count, it has been 25 working days since you forwarded my email to Jennifer McGuire and I have yet to receive a reply from her. Please advise the CBC policy on getting a timely response.”

To which, I received this Jan 7:

Dear Mr. Skoreyko:
I have reminded Jennifer McGuire that you are expecting a response.
Esther Enkin
CBC Ombudsman

12 Responses to “Ombudsman office reminds CBC News editor-in-chief she must respond to my complaint”

  1. guffman Says:

    So what exactly do Kirk and Esther get paid for??
    The CBC proves to be the model of efficiency once again.

  2. Agent Smith Says:

    Hi Dean

    I comment here rarely – but do like to check your site frequently.
    I’m very glad to see that your keeping CBC’s feet to the fire on this.

  3. billg Says:

    Jeez, you’d think being the least watched television station in Canada would be enough to hold they’re feet to the fire.

  4. E Mac Says:

    The CBC soldiers on as a high and mighty arrogant bunch of rank and file, who can’t get out of their own way. Complaints mean nothing to this gang and if you had not done a follow-up, it would likely have died a natural death.
    That’s the way this sordid collection of mould functions.
    Good effort on remaining unrelenting and demanding answers that ought to be addressed ASAP. The haphazard attitude surfaces whenever CBC is addressed, but they display a devil-may-care attitude, and will get around to it at their convenience.
    Exactly, what do they get paid to do? Biding their trivial state of affairs, until the old golden-pension kicks in.
    And you ask why this corporation should be sold-off or privatized?
    Well, here’s your answer.
    (sarc on).

  5. Jen Says:

    Now if it was either a liberal or ndp bet ya that Jennifer would have responded within seconds or fear the hand of wrath from Chretien.

    CBC should be under major audit investigation to where our tax dollars are going into and the salaries and cost to hosting a show like STROMO. EVAN SOLOMON. MERVE and many more.

    • Kent Says:

      I continue to be surprised that Strombo hasn’t been down to visit the Spence teepee yet. Fits his agenda. I also continue to very ticked at the PM for not shutting the place down. Maybe next majority.

      • burton Says:

        Strombo will be there shortly – He’s just having a little trouble choosing the right shade of mauve for his “cause of the week” bracelet.

      • Jen Says:

        CBC is not a news centre any more they are an organization perpetuated by themselves to manipulate confuse radicalize any news that pertains to this CPC government. CBC will suffocate it oweself. Meanwhile, since you are more free than they ever will be you can move around report your research, can do a ‘FAR’ better job as a non reporter. CBC will no doubt get their own medicine. Look at what Chief Spence did to a Global News reporter-she kicked her out of the reserve compound after all that lovey dove kiss with Spence and not only that, the reporter was led away in a Aboriginal police van.

        You see what happens when the media tries to kiss around for any news that they muster simply to attack the government with rather than do a proper job at alerting the public ‘the list of accomplishment which this CPC has done for the aboriginals.

        Kent, take a look at ‘Crux of the Matter’ blog: there you will find a list of accomplishments for the aboriginal natives.

  6. E Mac Says:

    Any reply yet from the CBC?

      • Jen Says:

        ….but if you were Chretien or Paul Martin or Mulclair, you will hear from CBC within minutes.
        They know their own kind to not trample with. You on the other hand are a …….to them.

        CBC has plenty to hide and are afraid that they are slowly being uncovered.

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