Vandalized John A. MacDonald statue spray-painted with “Fuck Canada”

fuck canada

The one photo that the CBC won’t ever run on an Idle No More story.

Also: These are the other two photos of the statue that Sun News has posted on one of their stories (see here)

statue vandalized

john is a killer

Update: Here’s a video of a heckler at Spence’s news conference that you will also never see on the CBC.

“Where’d the money go Chief Theresa? What did you do with the millions of dollars?” (see here)

Update: Loved being proven wrong (see here)

First Nation protester smiles big for Ottawa media while holding racist sign

greedy whites

The photo above was posted by Sun News’ David Akin this morning.

Now imagine if someone was shown on the steps of Parliament holding up a sign declaring ‘Greedy Indians’.

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