First Nation protester smiles big for Ottawa media while holding racist sign

greedy whites

The photo above was posted by Sun News’ David Akin this morning.

Now imagine if someone was shown on the steps of Parliament holding up a sign declaring ‘Greedy Indians’.


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  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    “Treaty Rights” does that mean a Escalade for every “native” ? As for treaty rights they are obliged to not harass or impede any travellers.
    This is going to look good on the opposition, people, ordinary tax paying Canadians have had enough of this childish crap.
    The enabeling by the CBC and NDP-Q along with past and present Liberals is sickening.
    Too many chiefs IMO

  2. wilson Says:

    Reading comments on articles it seems that Spence and her activist Chiefs have lost public support. This antiHarper message is back firing on them.

    It’s not clear if IdleNoMore is calling for law breaking or the activist Chiefs…?

  3. Liz J Says:

    I’m fed up with these bozos, enough already.

    If they had an ounce of pride and shame they’d behave themselves and respect the laws of the land instead of pulling faux hunger strikes, blocking rail and roadways.

    To top it off some Chief says they have the power to bring the economy to it’s knees. That’s called bargaining in good faith Indian style?

    Wonder where they think all the money will come from that flows into bottomless pits if the economy is “brought to it’s knees.
    Like their ever changing demands it appears they haven’t thought this through.

  4. Dirt Says:

    I’ve read many of the treaties and I am sorry to report no where in those documents does it articulate we must house, feed, cloth and basically support them for a lifetime. Most of the treaties ensure we don’t interfer with their culture.

  5. Dietwald Claus Says:

    That stupid sign was actually carried by a ‘white’ woman, by the looks of it a college student. Saw her myself. She had a number of Natives in tow, but she did certainly look very WASP.

    • Brian Mouland Says:

      Noticed many of the protestors look pretty white and probably paid to show up likely the same group who worked for Occupy last year

  6. Sammy Says:

    CTV now reporting that Chief Escalade just signed a ‘do not recusitate order’ GOOD GOD! Drama queen much??

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      A DNR order for Chief Spence good grief.
      But hey she has been on “Life Support” from us forever.
      How about a DNGF(do not give funding) order signed by PM Harper.
      Pathetic, lame, petty politicians posing as leaders.
      Her tempest in a teepee is already past the 20,000 dollar mark, I wonder what would have happened if Bev Oda had had two glasses of orange juice.
      The “greedy whitey” sign holder looked like she ain’t missed any meals either.
      So fat it takes two dogs to bark at her.
      Racist much?
      Try holding up a sign that says “Greedy Natives”

  7. Fred . . . Says:

    Blame everyone and everything for their own pathetic failure to be successful.

    What a waste of time & space.

  8. Fay Says:

    I am expecting Evan Solomon and co-host Pam Palmadan to bash and discredit any and all agreements reached with Stephen harper.
    Another Harper bashing production brought to you from the CBC!

  9. Sammy Says:

    And now..breaking news! Chief DNR order WILL attend the mtg tonite with the GG! Hmmm,wonder if fish broth will be on the menu? Honest to God,I can’t keep track of all the flip-flopping of this woman.

  10. dmorris Says:

    Anybody taking bets as to what happens to our beloved Chief Ghandi? I say she remains Chief,is given MORE money,and Clayton is given free classes to complete his accounting degree.

    I hope Stephen Harper and the G-G are properly respectful to this “Mother Theresa” of Canada.

    And,as someone on the blogs asked earlier today,WHAT ever happened to those 22 houses that were sent there last year, and also the six houses that were lying vacant already?

    • Fay Says:

      I am not expecting the media party to report on the housing conditions of the poor and hungry children on Attawatipskat. Their support is with their media darling Chief Theresa Spence and other Chiefs that dictate to their people.

  11. ohboy Says:

    Ho hum … just another day on the northern reservation aka Canada.
    How cum so many misguided lefty chicks are fat? Maybe if they got off their lard duffs and got a meaningful job, they’d get just a little more out of life…a little more balance a more reasoned perspective.
    I believe anyone with an ounce of reason can tell you that the special interest group entitlement thingy just isn’t sustainable…NOR SHOULD IT BE !! Entitlement recipients in my book are people; working or not, who get more than they deserve or more than the private sector,(doing similar work).
    I live in a small town and it boggles me that I see so many union/gov’t/entitlement types saving money at the discount stores while the store employees are mostly struggling on short hours, low pay,no benefits,and 2 jobs…all just to get barely by. It goes right over their entitlement heads.
    Anyway I’m wandering off track here.

    Natives in Canada need to realize that the gravy train is over…as in they are not unique; they are just another group in Canada whether they like it or not and that time is not on their side in the long run as the targeted white population is in decline and when the next group takes enough power there will be little sympathy for their ” We were here first”, rant.

    In other words the funding will eventually dry up. What really needs to be addressed is the disadvantaged 99% (as Ezra calls them)…the ones who are losing out on the Cdn. Govt’s large$$e due to rank corruption by Band hierarchy who are skimming the cream off the funding.
    I believe Stephen Harper is on the right track…and self ownership is a good place to start as is better and accountable leadership.
    What don’t so many understand about the old phrase, ‘nobody can take better care of your sh*t than yourself ‘
    Mr Harper,please lead these people out of their darkness and show them a better life !

    Oh and 1st nations…help the PM (and your good leaders) to help show you a better way to a more satisfying and productive life.

    After all, We’re all in this together.

  12. Bec Says:

    These people really need to move on and into the 21st Century. NONE of us were here back then and adaptation to realities, hardships and environment, is something required of all species, including all human beings.

    Why these rabble rousers do not understand that their NOISE is simply that, noise and that dignified, intelligent, responsible dialogue, far more respected, is beyond me.

    None of us are still wearing petticoats and knickers because that was then and this is now. Time to adapt and accept that we were all born at the same time and we weren’t part of then, we are part of now. Expecting resolutions based on ideals from generations ago, an idealistic and dysfunctional mentality because it goes no where. Many, many of these people have gone no where for far to long because of their leadership and blaming ‘the man’. They need to end their own cycle of blame and find out what they have been missing all of these years, the country is in the 21st century.

  13. Sammy Says:

    Interesting,that 2 of the protesters featured on cbc (Wab Kinew,and the woman bawling in front of doors Sheila North Wilson were CBC Wpg ‘reporters’ just recently.Yup…totally non-partisan ‘reporting’

    • BC Blue Says:

      Do you have a link?

      • Sammy Says:

        No link to any story,but I live S.of Wpg,and have heard them lots of times on cbc radiio..also Sheila North Wilson did the odd spot on cbc evening news from Wpg as well,usually covering ‘native’ issues.

        • Sammy Says:

          Google her..and read the story by the Black Rod blog! Wab Kinew was also ‘featured’ on tv sometimes.

  14. wilson Says:

    Media/antiHarper pundits (like NDPer Gerry Caplan sp?) are saying Spence should quit the liquid detox, PMSH has met her demands.
    No one to blame for her death except her.
    Foolish women, she has 5 kids and grandchildren.

    The activist Chiefs marginalized themselves by refusing to meet with PM Harper.
    But it was really the best possible situtation, the moderate reasonable Chiefs attended.
    According to Ntl Chief Atleo, the meeting was productive beyond his expectations….yah, that’s because the yahoos were outside drumming.

    The Loser Pam Not A Chief and her gang of thugs want to raise hell, and no one can reason with them or satisfy their desire, it’s a power trip.
    The more CBC and Solomon entertain the Loser and interview the radicals, the more public support goes down for the IdleNoMore movement.

    Ntl Chief Atleo and supporting Chiefs were very brave (and smart ) to attend the meeting against the radical chiefs instructions.
    PMSH is going to get this done, our results guy won’t accept anything else.

  15. Sammy Says:

    All day today,(Saturday) ctv hyping big appearance coming up Mon.on their network by Paul Martin..failed Lib PM,to talk about IDM and his ‘historic’ Kelowna Accord!!! I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat in anticipation…NOT!!!

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