Vandalized John A. MacDonald statue spray-painted with “Fuck Canada”

fuck canada

The one photo that the CBC won’t ever run on an Idle No More story.

Also: These are the other two photos of the statue that Sun News has posted on one of their stories (see here)

statue vandalized

john is a killer

Update: Here’s a video of a heckler at Spence’s news conference that you will also never see on the CBC.

“Where’d the money go Chief Theresa? What did you do with the millions of dollars?” (see here)

Update: Loved being proven wrong (see here)


4 Responses to “Vandalized John A. MacDonald statue spray-painted with “Fuck Canada””

  1. Jen Says:

    I am not surprise with CBC at all. They neverr liked being Canadians to stand up aagainst those who defaced the statue of Sir A.. Mc.D. Even when our soldiers were call ‘war criminals’ bt the NDP, CBC said absolutely nothing.

    BTW, where is the NDP – in hiding? They are the ones who were against c-45 and planned to go from province to province daming the C-45 in which contained provisions etc for FIRST NATIONS,- provisions of some like:’ recognizing matrimonial women rights to own property after divorce etc which was requested by aborignal women accepted by the CPC but was voted down by the NDP and Liberals. Again, CBC remained quiet as usual.
    Provisions that were discussed with FN leaders.

    CHARLIE ANGUS mp for ATTAWAPISKAT RIDING simply has disappear Normally he and his party are constantly in front of cameras accusing the CPC of something while CBC CTV look on.

  2. Liz J Says:

    We have the right to protest, we have freedom of assembly but we have no right to deface monuments or block roads, rails or bridges. It should follow then that in this country run by rule of law before and under which we are all equal, therefore these behaviours are punishable and no one should exempt. Allowing the law enforcers like RCMP or provincial police to ignore these law breakers is inviting anarchy.

  3. old white guy Says:

    right about now i am almost in favour of anarchy. the police are less than useless unless they are harrassing someone who is trying to defend themselves. then they go all out, laying charges and draging law abiding citizens into court.

  4. Sean M Says:

    The Trudopian State is truly a schizophrenic nightmare of tribal entitlements for some, but not others. Some tribes history is important and should be respected and honoured, and some tribes histories are not. The inevitable result of dividing Canadians into “special” groups, is that some “groups” will always demand to be treated more “equally” then others. The racists calling everyone else racists… the Trudopian State of collectivism is a diseased sham.

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