CP’s photo of a ‘starving’ Chief Spence


This is the photo taken Friday to go with the story (see here) of someone on a 32 day ‘hunger strike’ and the Media Party says nothing.


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  1. Mary Hines Says:

    AND watch Bob Rae say on TV – he went to see her today and “told her – we need her” – and to please don’t leave us!… What a joke! and the media party lapped it up like ice cream!

  2. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    An article I read in our local paper last night said Spence was looking “visibly frail” and spoke with halting words. I assume it was a CP story.

  3. Martin Says:

    Interesting to juxtapose the pressers of Minister Duncan, with the rambling monologue of Chief Spence yesterday. Media reporters were cowed into silence by Spence, with only one voice daring to shout out “Where’s the money Theresa” to a visibly irritated Spence. The same reporters barked out questions at Duncan, many of them argumentive, standard procedure for PPG with this government.. Is it fair to ask why these reporters didn’t shout down Spence and demand some answers from her? It is not due to a shortage of suitable questions.

  4. Jack Says:

    I saw the picture Dean and was transfixed by the war bonnet she’s wearing. To the point where I went to Wikipedia and looked it up.


    Who knew she had so many “kudo’s” from the tiny community of Attawapiskat? The mind boggles.

  5. wilson Says:

    I read somewhere that she lost 22 pounds. Over 4 weeks, that’s the results you expect from the Atkins Diet. She may end up healthier than when she started her liquid diet.
    How thick is that soup?

  6. dmorris Says:

    Yes, for years the Chiefs of the Indian Industry have dressed up in ceremonial garb that has nothing wahsoever to do with reality.

    Pierre Berton wrote a book years ago called”Hollywood’s Canada” and noted that the Indian protesters of the day looked exactly like “Hollywood” Indians as depicted in the movies. He contrasted that with pictures of real Indians taken when he was a kid in the Yukon.

    “Jack”;s wiki link indicates the eagle war bonnet was an item used by the Plains Indians. I wouldn’t call Attawapiskat “plains” by any stretch.

    The phrase “theater of the absurd” perfectly describes this latest attempt to extort money from taxpayers. But I still believe that the main thrust of the whole activity is to stop any investigation into “where the money went”, and there are a lot of Chiefs sweating at the thought of transparency in the way they run their little Kingdoms.

    • Jack Says:

      Re: “…and there are a lot of Chiefs sweating at the thought of transparency in the way they run their little Kingdoms.”

      “Well yes!!


      Too funny.

      • G Says:

        The Attawapiskat Tribe never wore Warbonnets and in Lakota society women were not allowed to be chiefs nor were they permitted to wear warbonnets. Theresa Spence and these other so-called self-appointed chiefs need to sit down and shut up. If anybody is oppressing their people it is Theresa Spence and her League of Self made Chiefs. I am greatly offended by the use of the warbonnet by these Indians with no culture, who cannot speak their language nor do they know anything of their own history.

        • Jack Says:

          Re: “I am greatly offended by the use of the warbonnet by these Indians with no culture, who cannot speak their language nor do they know anything of their own history.”

          Completely agreed. It’s like people wearing medals they have never earned. That is why I picked up on it.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What the hell is in that fish broth?

  8. dmorris Says:

    Jack,thanks for that link. I’ve commented on the same blogs as the former RCMP officer, his “take” is very good,from real experience with the “Noble Warriors”.

    Guys like “Bruce” should be on the many commissions we have that try to deal with FN problems,they might hear some truths for once instead of the usual pc bullshit.

  9. Bec Says:

    I wonder how many of ‘her people’ get to an Optometrist for a pair of those snazzy glasses or get anywhere for that matter?

    She should be ashamed of herself, not revered by a BLIND media and disgustingly manipulative politicians. These are shameful acts of ignorance by all of these people and meanwhile her responsibilities i.e.answering to her people are completely ignored. They are the voiceless victims. She is simply a selfish, self serving megaphone of self indulgence.

  10. Jemery Says:

    Looks like a few extra pounds if you ask me!!

  11. ohboy Says:

    I had the pleasure some years back of knowing an old time pioneer/horse packer by the name of Alfred Bryant who grew up and made his home in the West Chilicotin. Shortly before he died in the mid eighties, I was drinking coffee with him when he pulled out an old family album of photographs taken in the 1930’s and abouts, from down in the Bella Coola valley and the Chilicotin plateau,(west central BC).
    Alfred’s sister ‘Bunch’ had gone off to Kamloops BC as a young woman and graduated as a nurse from Royal Inland Hospital in the thirties.
    The unique thing about her life adventure was she came back to the West Chilicotin to live and be a nurse (practitioner) to both the pioneers and natives living in this vast area.

    Now one has to realise that natives were a lot different in those days in that most were energetic & motivated workers in one form or another while living on ‘rancheries’ and most also seasonally working out on the small holding outfits at different times of the year. There wasn’t much gov’t intervention in those days and everyone,(apart from a few yahoos on both sides) got along smartly. They respected each other and had a use for each other.
    While we were leafing through Alfred’s photo albums, I ran across some intriguing pictures taken out on a trail, of a pioneer woman administering to what appeared to be a very old native who was laying on the ground.
    After looking the pictures over, I asked Alfred just what was happening and he replied that the woman was his sister and that she was in fact picking lice off the old indian and generally making him more comfortable. He recalled taking the picture and that it was at ‘stampede time’ and that the old native had proved to be too frail to complete the trip to Anahim Lake so he had been left by his others and to his own devices ’till they returned and that he( Alfred) and his sister had happened to run across the old indian in his final hours. Alfred said that his sister gave him water and cleaned the old man up and they stayed with him ’till he passed on.
    Now this may sound harsh to us these days, and maybe it is…but that was the way of it and the natives had a different culture then…as they do now.
    A more recent version of this same story happened on the Chilcotin highway when my wife was a nurse at the Williams Lake BC hospital in the late eighties. At Lee’s Corner about 100 kms west of town, the hospital was informed that one fairly far gone native and two dead ones were being brought in. Apparently what had happened was they were driving into town for Stampede Weekend and had been speeding and had gone off the road over a steep bank and the vehicle had landed in a big fir tree,where it had hung up about thirty feet above the ground on a steep side hill.
    One native had managed to get free with not too much wrong with him and had climbed back up on to the road and managed to hitchhike into town where he was supposed to get help.
    Once in town,he started partying and forgot about the others still trapped up in the tree and hurt.
    He remembered three days later when he sobered up a bit and that was when the authorities got involved. Funny thing that…there was an RCMP detatchment and a nurses station only ten miles back in the other direction.
    My point of all this is that most natives, (at least in my experience), think differently than us…their priorities are different…the first case of the old indian left to die on the trail was in the days where natives didn’t see alcohol. The second was when they visited it regularly…the end result was basically the same.
    These are only two of many stories I could relate but I do know for a fact that the native was a happier man when he fended for himself and through that independence posessed a greater sense of self worth.
    Things can only get better when we (gov’t) get out of their lives and they again realise their own potential.
    Nothing else will cut it.

    • Bec Says:

      Absolutely beautiful! These are the stories that our Grandparents and Parents once told and those that are still living, tell no more. Why? Because they no longer happen.

      I recall in GR 12 being in the position to debate pro or con the ‘Indian nation’ and I chose pro. I researched for weeks via the books in our home and at the library. I won that debate but there is no way I would choose that position today. They are not the same people that I went to school with and I would not defend this people that has evolved since then.
      I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of choice but I despise people that abuse freedoms by disrespecting the laws of a nation. They have done that and have now become an intolerant, radical inconvenience. It’s sad that they are so blinded by their welfare mentality and can’t look back on their history of dignified integration.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Never seen someone on a hunger strike actually grow another chin…that’s some potent fish broth….or is it lobster bisque?

  13. Jen Says:

    I am totally amazed of the NDP silence in all of this. Normally they are found to be in front of cameras berating the gov for not doing anything for Attawapiskat when in truth CHARLIE ANGUS the mp for that riding knows exactly how much money went into ATTAWAPISKAT. Instead of Charlie confronting Chief Spence’s neglect of her reserve, he casually ignore it at the same blaming the Harper Gov for it.

    • Liz J Says:

      Makes you wonder what Tommy and his Dippers are up to. I’m surprised bellicose Charlie Angus isn’t showing up at the fish broth hut to show his support. Orders from on high perhaps?

      • Jen Says:

        liz J, have you heard if Mulclair and some of his mps have repaid their loans to EC. Apparently they, just like the liberals, got extensions to do so yet they and msm all bitch what this gov is not doing. I also notice thay none of the reporters including SNN’s has bothered to ask the libs and ndp. Yet, they are screetch about Oda’s $16 orange.
        Don’t expect the media to ask Charlie Angus where that money went in Attawapiskat.

  14. milt w Says:

    With the atitude that every one else is wrong and with such nice glasses maybe she could come over and rob BC for a while. Crissy and crew are running out of ideas.They can fight over who has more MILF’ness to not show.

  15. Mary Hines Says:

    Maybe she could give her Community a turn driving her “royal car” around the reservation for a week-end. They could watch the little TV in front of their seats… and push buttons to move their seats around… What a farce this woman is!!!

  16. Luch Says:

    I have spoken in elementary schools on “What is an Aboriginal”. To have these young minds understand what “Aboriginal” meant, I would draw an umbrella on the blackboard, under this umbrella would be standing three stick figures with the name of the three Aboriginal groups of Canada written on them. These three groups are, First Nations, Inuit and Metis. Now, after reading this and searching for other information on the matter of the “Starving Chief”, I have come to the conclusion, that we need another umbrella; one to protect all politicians from the coming storm. Regardless, if the politician is First Nation, Inuit, Metis, English, Scottish, Irish, Chinese, etc…Conservative, Liberal, NDP or one of those “joke” parties…politicians take care of their personal needs first which normally means their bank account! ALL POLITICIANS NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY, ALL, THIS INCLUDES THE ABORIGINAL “LEADERS”! I am a proud Metis because of where I come from, and in spite of some half-baked politician thinks he/she is greater than their own peoples. I do have to say also…Chief Spence, when on a “hunger strike”, your stomach might bloat, not your face.

  17. Super Dave Says:

    Greatest “smoke screen” of the 20th century!.. Gives the saying “show me the money” a whole new meaning!

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