Warren Kinsella plays white knight for his girlfriend – calls me a racist

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After seeing who David Akin has had as his guests so far on his most recent Sun News show, I assume he learned absolutely nothing from the first failed one.

Inexplicably Warren Kinsella is given a venue to spew his idiocy by the brainiacs at Sun News but to make it even worse, Akin seriously thinks Kinsella’s girlfriend Lisa Kirbie is what will make his new show a success and I let Akin know about it on Twitter:

And I have now boycotted his new show: “Next on Battleground, political insider @lisakirbie will join @DavidAkin”

Why would @DavidAkin have Kinsella’s squeeze @lisakirbie on as a guest? Bad enough Kinsella is on Sun News

Here’s an example of what Kirbie recently passed off as her political ‘expertise’ on Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau:


Classy guest of Akin’s huh?

Anyway, after my tweets about Akin and Kirbie, I saw this libellous gem from Kinsella:

Kinsella libel

Yup, two of the Liberal Party’s ‘finest’ minds showcased by Sun News.

Also: For more on Kirbie and her love of communism see blogger 5 Feet of Fury’s post on her here


15 Responses to “Warren Kinsella plays white knight for his girlfriend – calls me a racist”

  1. Robbie Says:

    What can you say about a man who has backed the likes of Rocko Rossi and Christy Clark; and he is not going to participate in the next OLP campaign, ostensibly because of age? And yet he throws your political past in your face and alleges you are a racist?
    There is nothing remotely racist in his past about Chinese cuisine now is there? Move along Dean, nothing to see here.

  2. Jayme Says:

    Did he really use the word pasty?

  3. Mahmood Says:

    That gal is a Google meltdown…Akin’s providing her a platform to put out her *stuff* again proves the country’s msm is an incestous relationship that knows no boundaries. Goes without saying but you know Kinsella will crawling around your site with writ in hand.

  4. Bocanut Says:

    Winkie, Liberal spokespunk and Stepford Wifey Kirbie are on Sun News for comedic effect,no one takes anything they opine on seriously,even Liblogs won’t post Kirbies “kirbies”.
    For additional laughs head over to Kirbies previous incarnation as wanna be feminist Grit Chic.
    Adding to the ditzyness in her statement of claim against ORNGE she alledged that she was upset over Mazza’s comment saying she had tamed the Kinsella lion .
    You can’t make this stuff up.

  5. grace Says:

    You lost me at “white knight”. Seriously, sphere terms applied to a couple?

  6. Dirt Says:

    Never heard of her, who the hello is she?

  7. Grant Says:

    Sun News has their token zoo animal. People pay to come and gawk, which suits the animal on display, as well as the Sun News zookeepers, just fine.

  8. Grant Says:

    And at least Brazeau kept it restricted to politics. Kirbie went after his personal life. A class act all the way.

  9. Lloyd Fister Says:

    I wonder if Warren’s child support payments are up to date?

  10. dmorris Says:

    Kinsella has,according to “Wikipedia” four children with his ex-wife.

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