Christy Clark’s ex-husband accused of trying to dig up dirt on blogger


I’ve had my own personal experiences with people trying to dig up nasty personal stuff on me including the media (see here) so I have a special hate-on for this disgusting political tactic.

From blogger Alex Tsakumis who has been a huge thorn in the side of Christy Clark:

Oh, and by the way Mark [Marrisen], I don’t know why you keep asking friends of mine if they want “to share any information” on me.

You know exactly where you can find me, and you have my direct number, it’s not changed in all these years. Call me and we’ll meet up and I’ll provide you with blow by blow account of anything you’d like to ask. (see here)

And also, are any tax dollars going to fund this nastiness?


3 Responses to “Christy Clark’s ex-husband accused of trying to dig up dirt on blogger”

  1. dmorris Says:

    Tsakumis,whose blog I visit every day despite that goddamned music, has done the best job of investigative reporting on Liberal government malfeasance of anyone in this Province.

    If only our MSM had his tenacity! AND, I look forward to his scrutiny of the Adrian Dix government once they win the election next May.

    In a world where there was real justice, Tsakumis or someone like him, would be our Provincial Ombudsman, with some legal authority to back him.

    That’s the sad part of the MSM NOT doing their job, we ordinary folks have no one to speak on our behalf,except a few bloggers.

    And I must thank bloggers such as AGT and yourself,for doing the job the MSM won’t do.

  2. Sean M Says:

    This is a great example of thuggish federal “Liberals” and how they behave when someone tries to hold them to account. They lash out at the peasants who dare question their motives, or point out their short comings. Clark and her ex-husband are used to wallowing around in the gutter, their both federal “Liberals”. This act of intimidation is just another in a long list of reasons as to why Clark is unfit for the office of Premier.

  3. Milt w Says:

    Just proof positive that you and AGT are doing something right when the guilty start trying to dig up dirt to put out the fire caused from the truth being spoken/written so that we the public have a chance to read it and form an honest opinion. Keep up the great work both of you.

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