Hero of the Day – women drives through First Nation road blockade

ford truck idle

Love to see this Ford truck owner make a report to the police if any damage was done by the FN protesters (see video here)


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  1. dmorris Says:

    Notice how one of the more sensible INM people came over and got in between the Canadian and the angry FN protester before the FN guy lost his temper.

    I had to laugh at the Hollywood Indian, the guy with the feather headdress,saying,”keep it peaceful” over and over. If there were no cameras, the Indians would have beat the hell out of that lone Canadian, we’ve seen that before!

    Well now, what are our politicians going to do, sit on their politically correct asses and hope it all goes away?

    Premier Redford, are there two sets of laws, one for Indians and one for Canadians? Explain.

  2. Michael Harkov Says:

    And thus it begins……………..

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    These two Albertains have more guts then the police. They might have set a trend. Seems that idol no more is fizzling and soon they will all go back to being idol some more.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    Hey! It’s all about rights! Theirs yours don’t count.
    I am sick of these childish protests.
    These Idlers get a pass on all taxes 50% of what I get up in the morning and go to work for goes to TAXES.
    Get a grip go to work IDELERS!
    I really, really don’t give a damn who yer grandmaw was.
    Anymore than you give a damn who mine was.

  5. Bec Says:

    Proud to be an Albertan. Maybe it was ‘Hunter’! 🙂

  6. Sean M Says:

    Good for both of those second class citizens! At least their not cowards like the thugs and terrorist indians… where are the eunuchs who refer to themselves as cops, you know, the cops that our taxpayer money pays for. This country is a bloody farce! When a “group” (tribe) of people can takeover the roads and railways of this nation without consequence you have anarchy. Trudopia, in all it’s inglorious collectivist crapulence.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Lets form a country wide protest group against the Indian Idlers and try blocking bridges, rail lines and roads to see if Trudeaus’s Charter will cover us? Any bets on how long we’d last before being hauled off to the slammers?

    If these slackers and slugs can get away with this can anarchy be far behind? How long is the PM going to allow this to go on?

    • Ian Says:

      It’s unbelievable that large trade unions are supporting this movement that says it wants to bring the Canadian economy to its knees. All that will do is put Canadians out of work. I guess these unions want to see their members lose ther jobs. What the big companies like GM, who rely on the trains and trucks to bring in auto parts or ship cars, should do is start laying off workers because their products can’ t get shipped, and tell the unions it’s their own bloody fault!

  8. Lyndia Says:

    If you follow everything going on with the indians, I see the whole thing as the public service unions as the culprits. The police are unionized and the civil service are unionized. The politicians will not move against any unionized group. So when the Canadian Labour Congress (Syd Ryan) endorses the indians, that is the call to ignore the lawlessness.

  9. Jen Says:

    CBC tap danced before Dipper employee dumped

    By Eric Duhaime,QMI Agency


  10. Bob Says:

    This has nothing to do with unions. The police (except the RCMP) are unionized for their own protection and believe me, when rank & file policemen are ordered to stand there and do nothing while people break the law they are as frustrated as you and most other Canadians are. This is about weak-kneed politicians and spineless police senior management who believe in an apartheid system of justice and the only way it will stop is if average Canadians like you make your voices heard and let them know you’re tired of it.

    • john Says:

      Bob Says: “…..when rank & file policemen are ordered to stand there and do nothing while people break the law they are as frustrated as you and most other Canadians are”.

      No way Bob. The rank & file cops are just as into this legal double standard as the management. Calgarians saw that during recent demonstations by Arab immigrants supporting Hezbollah. A couple of bystanders were taking video pics with their cell phones. The protesters went ape sh** and started screaming and threatening the bystanders. The cops hurried over and started pushing around the bystanders, giving the protestors a free pass.

      The politicians, judges, lawyers, bureaucrats, journalists, prosecutors and senior police are all scared to death of being called racist. — And the rank & file cops are no different. So they go after the easier targets, the bystander, the upset taxpayer and the complaining counter protestor.

      The rank & file cops are ever increasingly becoming unworthy of the respect we have traditionally given them.

  11. Liz J Says:

    Would it be reasonable to expect the PM to address the nation and spell out the consequences if the Idlers go ahead with their threat to bring our economy to it’s knees? Would it also be reasonable to expect him to direct ALL police forces to uphold the laws of the land and arrest those who break them?

  12. joseph Says:

    Think the bleeding hearts will get the idea if we sew patches on our shirts or wear arm bands that say “2nd class”? If that doesn’t work maybe if the patch was shaped like the mogen david.

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