My 1st piece as a monthly columnist for the Midnight Sun News

midnight sun

Idle No More?

Well, it finally happened.

Whatever vestiges of rational, logical, or justifiable scraps of meat still clung to #idlenomore skeleton in Canada finally succumbed to starvation last Wednesday (Jan. 16) as its followers committed mass actions of public disturbance, illegal blockades, and general forms of nuisance behaviour.

Things like trying to block the free flow of vehicles across the largest border in Canada did not exactly engender good will from the long-suffering wage earner sitting in traffic.

Nor did the music of impromptu drum circling pow wows interspersed with anti-government slogans make the experience of being late for wherever everybody was destined any easier to bear.

The #idlenomore bullies, with their strangely colour-coordinated stenciled jackets, ensured Canadians would now have no sympathy for their cause, by showing the sort of level of disrespect you’d expect a kidnapper to show his victim. (continue reading at Midnight Sun News here)

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