My 1st piece as a monthly columnist for the Midnight Sun News

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Idle No More?

Well, it finally happened.

Whatever vestiges of rational, logical, or justifiable scraps of meat still clung to #idlenomore skeleton in Canada finally succumbed to starvation last Wednesday (Jan. 16) as its followers committed mass actions of public disturbance, illegal blockades, and general forms of nuisance behaviour.

Things like trying to block the free flow of vehicles across the largest border in Canada did not exactly engender good will from the long-suffering wage earner sitting in traffic.

Nor did the music of impromptu drum circling pow wows interspersed with anti-government slogans make the experience of being late for wherever everybody was destined any easier to bear.

The #idlenomore bullies, with their strangely colour-coordinated stenciled jackets, ensured Canadians would now have no sympathy for their cause, by showing the sort of level of disrespect you’d expect a kidnapper to show his victim. (continue reading at Midnight Sun News here)


16 Responses to “My 1st piece as a monthly columnist for the Midnight Sun News”

  1. Brad maynard Says:

    Excellent post dean. Nothing like getting started with a bang eh? Lol

  2. spinassassin Says:

    Fantastic article. They will be lucky to hold on to you.

  3. Blame Crash Says:

    Hey! That was pretty good.
    Actually, “Excellent” would better describe it.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Good one! Especially like your description of the hunger striking Chief, “……..chubby cheeked media starlet…” .

    Wonder if any more Liberal MP’s like doctors Hedy Fry or Carolyn Bennett have any interest in re-visiting the squatter’s tent to check on her condition?

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Let’s see here Hedy sees “crosses burning as we speak”
    Carolyn must have taken time off her pet “Sex toys safty project”
    What a depth of talent the Liberal Party offers.
    Next up Fresh Prince of great hair Justin of Trudeau.
    I can only wonder how they hold onto third place.
    As for your article Dean, well done Sir!
    I look forward to the next one.
    I forwarded it to our local EDA.
    It is about time that the bullies were stood up to and so refreshing to have someone call out Chief-many-chins-snacks-a-lot.
    The has beens, Clark, Martin and the wanna be Justin are inspired?
    Usefull idiots, quislings, IMO

  6. Dirt Says:

    Bravo, loved your dig at CBC so very berry true.

  7. Maria Says:

    Congratulations! You have started off with a bang.

  8. E Mac Says:

    Love it!
    Canadias are growing tired of idle no more people’s antics. If you’ve stopped being idle – Get a job and stop whining.
    Letters to the editor have little meaning so to that end it is useless to send them in. It is surprising how many people feel sorry for the aboriginals and take a stance with them. The tax dollars we provide should be rescinded and placed in government coffers where they can be utilized to fullest to all concerned. No audit, no money is the best way I can put it.
    I’m going down to the local railway crossing and start a sacred fire and see how long I last there.
    Any bets how long??

  9. Jen Says:

    O/T, this should interest CBC of their ‘great’ one.

    Obama’s Greatest Legacy Might Be Destroying the Media

    Canada’s own media darlings are not too far behind. They will join those of the American media for their manipulation, dishonsty, lies, blame games and so on.

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