Who lied more during interview – CTV’s Kevin Newman or Chief Spence?

newman spence

If you thought CTV news anchor Kevin Newman’s complete fluff interview of Chief Theresa Spence’s spokesman Danny Metatawabin (see here) might have embarrassed him into doing a proper one with Spence today, you’d be dead-wrong:

– First the CTV lie that the interview would be an “One-on-one interview with Chief Spence”. Two Spence spokespeople sat on either side of her during the interview.

– Next was a lie from Newman when he asked Spence if she will end the protest and “return to her family”. Spence is staying at a Ottawa hotel with them (see here) and the last figure we had from her boyfriend (who is in charge of the donations coming in) was that they had spent $21,000 on hotel rooms.

– Newman then followed up with another lie: “You’re an elected politician in some ways”. Umm, which only “some ways” is that again?

And don’t get me started with his response to when Spence said: “We asked for nation to nation meeting. Why is Harper scared?” Newman: “Right”. (see video here)

Any credible interviewer would have that crushed her on the “nation to nation” BS and the “Harper is scared” meme in a heartbeat.

Media Party doing what they do best is all this was.


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