Who lied more during interview – CTV’s Kevin Newman or Chief Spence?

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If you thought CTV news anchor Kevin Newman’s complete fluff interview of Chief Theresa Spence’s spokesman Danny Metatawabin (see here) might have embarrassed him into doing a proper one with Spence today, you’d be dead-wrong:

– First the CTV lie that the interview would be an “One-on-one interview with Chief Spence”. Two Spence spokespeople sat on either side of her during the interview.

– Next was a lie from Newman when he asked Spence if she will end the protest and “return to her family”. Spence is staying at a Ottawa hotel with them (see here) and the last figure we had from her boyfriend (who is in charge of the donations coming in) was that they had spent $21,000 on hotel rooms.

– Newman then followed up with another lie: “You’re an elected politician in some ways”. Umm, which only “some ways” is that again?

And don’t get me started with his response to when Spence said: “We asked for nation to nation meeting. Why is Harper scared?” Newman: “Right”. (see video here)

Any credible interviewer would have that crushed her on the “nation to nation” BS and the “Harper is scared” meme in a heartbeat.

Media Party doing what they do best is all this was.



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  1. Dirt Says:

    Sounds like the reporter set the narrative to anti-Harper mode and continued via that line of insanity. I expect nothing less than yellow urnalism from CTV,that’s why the channel isn’t welcome in my home.

  2. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    That’s one piss poor hunger strike by Chief Chunky Monkey…I’ve had a wicked flue the past week and I lost 15 pounds

  3. Guffman Says:

    A handful of softball questions, with no serious or challenging follow-ups to even those. And as you said, this was a ‘one on three’ interview (w/ two FN thugs at her side), not ‘one on one’.
    Finally, for someone, who’s been on a “hunger strike” for a month and a half, she sure looks pretty darn healthy to me. No sign of lack of nutrition, frailty or weakness in her voice at all. This woman is a complete fraud and the media party is a disgrace as well in trying to cover for her nonsense.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Let the women be on strike. It might prevent her from having a heart attack. We could save a bit of money on health care.

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    More Spence lies…she is sitting there with a muffin roll and a scarf hiding her 3 chins saying she lost 30 lbs.

    Next one was when she said there were boxes of papers in a storage place that the auditor didn’t look at. No questions from Newman on that one.
    No questions about having the 3rd party manager kicked off the reserve..or Global kicked out either…or her going to court to get the manager out of the reserves books… Lot’s of tiny details not mentioned. How about their stocks and the $1.1 Million real estate deal?
    I think Newman was afraid of her two body guards….lololol Gutless Newman.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Yup the majority of Canadian voters who elected in this fine Conservative government are scared.
    Just keep believing that, the Liberals did they are now in third place.
    Did you not notice Mayor Spence that the 2nd and third rate politicans are no longer rushing to your tee pee to be inspired?
    AUDIT the elephant in the tee pee.

  6. dmorris Says:

    Kevin Newman is one of the worst of the liberal news readers. He is anti- Harper,Conservative, GOP,guns, oil sands, pipelines and just as outrageously pro- climate change, liberalism,Liberalism. I avoid watching the turkey any more, but I’d bet he’s just all ga-ga over Justin Trudeau.

    During the hurricane katrina debacle, his “blame-Bush” rants on Global, accompanied by real anger, were so bad I used to refer to his nightly news program as the “ten minute hate” show.

    New,an is a lightweight. He shouldn’t attempt to do more than just read from a script. Beyond news reading, his lack of integrity and intelligence shows plainly.

  7. Fay Says:

    Kevin Newman looks scared. Obvious intimidation. I really worry for the safety of any one living on the Attawapiskat reserve who crosses these bullies. What are they hiding on that reserve?
    Shame on CTV for supporting this chief at the expense of suffering children.

    • Dirt Says:

      I’ve noted the silence from her band members, that’s not a normal response are they even free people?

    • dmorris Says:

      Fay, life on a Reserve means you don’t cause the powers-that-be any problems or you’ll get the **** kicked out of you, or worse.

      I spent a lot of time on Reserves when I was young,and believe me, the noble warriors have no qualms about committing physical violence on someone who causes trouble.

      The usual tactic is to outnumber the victim about six to one,then proceed to do him in.

      Darcey Jerrom on the old website,”Dust my Broom ” frequently expounded on this at length.

  8. Robbie Says:

    Newman and Spence; Armstrong and Oprah. I guess Joe Publican can’t handle the truth.

  9. TangoJuliette Says:

    Shocked, it is, I am – but I feel that Craig Oliver did a fairly credible shot at the MSM enabling meme-machine balloon for thief spence, when he popped their bubble on a point of “accountability.”

    I support thief spence. I’d prefer not to. I don’t seem to have a choice in the matter.

    I don’t like the fact that I do, I don’t like the fact that I can’t stop the obscene flow of tax-payers’ dollars to such greedy, soulless hucksters. I don’t like the notion that they dictate that they want to to meet Canada on a “nation-to-nation” footing.

    What’s that work out to? Theresa’s victimized 1200 population of first nations humans is somehow on the same footing as the Nation of Canada, population of 36,000,000 taxpaying suckers?

    Their scam is a deflecting and diversionary tactic. Push Back.

    No longer dupable! Exploitable no more! Pissed Off?? Monumentally!!

  10. Mary Hines Says:

    I refuse to watch… didn’t see it… wouldn’t give him a positive rating turning the anti=Harper bias program on. Look who he usually has as his panel…. liberal Gloria galloway… trudeau mania oliver……and jennifer the anti-harper hater at all cost…. wouldn’t give them the time of day….glad I didn’t – seeing this woman being allowed to take Canadians for fools is a disgrace!

  11. ohboy Says:

    Perhaps if some honesty can’t be achieved then a counter group under the banner ” Exploit No More” ought to be a rallying cry for the Cdn taxpayer.

  12. Jayme Says:

    The real risk now is if the Occupy movement joins if that happens this will turn into a massive riot.

  13. Sammy Says:

    I had read a tweet,can’t remember who’s or where that directed media to find out just who and what this Metawabin character is. What DO we know about him??

  14. Mary T Says:

    For someone who has supposedly lost 30 pounds her clothes sure seemed to fit her well. Or maybe she has bought new ones on our money. 21,000 for hotel rooms, couldn’t that have been used to help her people. What a waste of time paying attention to her. Never watched the program.

  15. Ian Says:

    The main stream media aka left leaning media are scared to ask any tough questions because they know the answers, if answered truthfully, will make Justin Trudeau and other liberal sympathizers look bad. So they throw her these softball questions and don’t challenge her. Luckily though, as is showing in recent polls, most Canadians don’t support her or the idle no more movement.

  16. Liz J Says:

    Kevie’s little Liberal brain will be about to explode with excitement as the LPC go through the motions of choosing a leader.

    Gotta love Vancouver MP Joyce Murray’s idea to have a short term link up with the NDP and Greenies to save Canada from another term of Stephen Harper. It might matter if she had any chance of winning which she doesn’t.

  17. Jen Says:

    Do reporters pay taxes like the rest of us. because it doesn’t seem so. Or else Newman would demand to know from Spence that his tax dollars went to pay for her people but somehow his dollars ended up on her back pocket and her boyfriend’s. Newman would have spoken for canadians whose tax dollars like his did go to Reservations for the natives there.
    Instead, what he does, is, he looks to find something to attack the CPC with.

  18. Milt w Says:

    Kevin drop everything and head for BC. Crissy needs you as a media person ASAP. Time is short and the people of BC are used of MSM total BS spin doctors or in your case spin intern.

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