We all need to help Sun News obtain their CRTC license

Kinsella libel

To put it mildly, I wasn’t overly impressed with being asked to help Sun News  get a new broadcasting license that would enable them to compete on a more level playing field with other news organizations after being libelled and smeared by one of their employees, Warren Kinsella but this is much more important than anyone’s personal feelings.

As my very good friend Sheila Gunn Reid put it:

sheila gunn

We desperately need Sun News to counter the Media Party’s anti-conservative bias and help break the Ottawa Press Gallery pack mentality so that is why I implore you to take 1 minute and fill out this online form (see here).

20 Responses to “We all need to help Sun News obtain their CRTC license”

  1. Peter in Ottawa Says:

    done and I will get 10 more to do it tonight

  2. fhl Says:

    Done hope to get more tonight

  3. Agent Smith Says:

    Ezra from coast to coast 24/7. That would give the Left the dry heaves and is worth it for that alone.

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    I just did it and sent it to all my contacts…even the Liberal & NDP ones…lol

  5. Guffman Says:

    Thanks for the link… will spread the word as well.

  6. Mike Johnston Says:

    I have done it from my 5th wheel located in Yuma AZ. I will pass it on to other Canadians down here.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Sun News rocks! We as Canadians need to get the truth.
    We are not getting that from CBC or CTV.
    So Warren doesn’t like you Dean?
    “Porcine” Really? I guess that is supposed to be devastating….not.
    I filled out the form.
    The press gallery are just a bunch of mean girls who are devastated when someone criticizes them.
    I still chuckle about the time Mr Mildewski chimed in here.
    That Canada has as a contender for leader of a once major political party the son of a former PM who is running against the late fathers mistress/baby mother for the job.
    Well if that isn’t bizarre not asking the question is.
    The question being is being either begat or boinked by the old gargoyle a prerequisite for the PM’s job?
    Just askin’ the questions the press galley won’t Dean.
    Once again a great article in the “midnight sun” and I look forward to many more sir.
    The mewling from the likes of Warren is just fear and self loathing IMHCO
    Cheers Bubba Brown

  8. Sandy Says:

    Done for both myself and my husband.

  9. bertie Says:

    Done like dinner and passed on to friends. GO SUN GO

  10. ohboy Says:

    Thanx for doing the legwork Dean…online request done.

  11. antfrm Says:

    we are onboard and will spread the word – he sound of leftie heads exploding is the reward

  12. Alain Says:

    Thank you for supporting their request. I just added my name to the list. Actually it should be a no-brainer for the CRTC, since SNN is the only network with almost 100% Canadian content, far exceeding even the state broadcaster.

  13. Sean M Says:

    Signed it and relayed the request to everyone I know. Although, it would be better to get rid of the CRTC completely, they are after all anti-Canadian. I hope Sun News succeeds, but wouldn’t trust the CRTC as far as I could throw them. Hate to be a cynic, but when it comes to thought control, “cultural” control the CRTC are not exactly freedom lovers. However, I remain guardedly optimistic.

    • Jayme Says:

      If we did not have the Crtc your not going to be able to access any channel you want from say the States my point is nothing would change.

  14. wilson Says:

    Done. I want Canadian tv, and factual news.

  15. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    I submitted mine. But do you really think it will make a difference if an overwhelming number of Canadians submit this? I’m really wondering if this is something that CRTC is likely to change their mind on?

  16. Steve O Says:

    Done, And happy to do so….Steve O

  17. Bocanut Says:

    Thanks for making the form available.
    As for Winkie-Liberal spokespunk- he’ll have problems of his own shortly,-Lala Kirbie(the married gal he met while tubing Iggy’s campaign) is now working for Daisy Consulting as a spokesperson.
    How many spokepersons jobs are there at Daisy?
    Can a romantic relationship withstand the pressues of working together when one party is supplying the cheques?
    Did she find a married Kinsella a better catch and proceed to “tame the lion” ?
    Don’t worry Dean, if Kinsella doesn’t watch it he’ll be taken for a settlement that’ll make Kirbie’s final paycheque at ORNGE look like chump change.

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