Press Gallery member nosing around PM’s son Ben Harper’s Twitter account


You really have to wonder what iPolitics’ Laura Stone was thinking when she decided to not only inquire about PM Stephen Harper’s son’s Twitter account but then actually file a story on it including some of his tweets:

A Twitter account belonging to Stephen Harper’s teenage son has been locked after the Prime Minister’s Office was contacted about it on Wednesday.

While the prime minister tweets government announcements and the odd Seinfeld reference and Laureen Harper, who joined last Sunday, has tweeted a handful of times on topics such the Maple Blues Awards, Ben Harper offers, well, a teenage perspective. (see here)

Harper’s kids are off-limits. Period.


Postmedia hilarity: “Harper ditches world leader photo opportunity to rock a deuce”

bieber harper

This is funny right?

Eight notable achievements from Stephen Harper over the last seven years in power:

7. Harper refers to people from Iqaluit as ‘unwiped bums’ (see here)

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