Press Gallery member nosing around PM’s son Ben Harper’s Twitter account


You really have to wonder what iPolitics’ Laura Stone was thinking when she decided to not only inquire about PM Stephen Harper’s son’s Twitter account but then actually file a story on it including some of his tweets:

A Twitter account belonging to Stephen Harper’s teenage son has been locked after the Prime Minister’s Office was contacted about it on Wednesday.

While the prime minister tweets government announcements and the odd Seinfeld reference and Laureen Harper, who joined last Sunday, has tweeted a handful of times on topics such the Maple Blues Awards, Ben Harper offers, well, a teenage perspective. (see here)

Harper’s kids are off-limits. Period.



16 Responses to “Press Gallery member nosing around PM’s son Ben Harper’s Twitter account”

  1. Fay Says:

    And i thought that the Ottawa Press Gallery had already hit rock bottom. She has appeared on CTV’s Don Martin Power Play a few times.

  2. Guffman Says:

    Absolutely disgraceful! Just when you think “journalism” has reached it’s all-time low, a slug like this takes it down another full notch.

  3. Bec Says:

    Let the PM’s kids be kids, PPG!!
    Try following some gang-bangers, or international Canadian terrorists. Or better yet, try doing some REAL research instead of cyber snooping.

  4. john Says:

    Laura Stone? Hmm Not bad. HEY BABY! SHOW US YOUR TWEETS!!!!!

  5. Sue Says:

    The reporting on the PM´s visit to a diner today in Kitchener, is not quite as ridiculous as this one, but it’s close.

    The Kitchener Record “Staff” in a convivial newspaper report, used the term “staged photo op” three times for the PM´s and his security detail´s lunchtime stop for a cheeseburger. Just in case we´d never heard of such politics.

    According to the report, the PM had big burly long black coated body guards and big long burly black coated SUV´s, likely skirting off to their next op, but only after choosing just a burger instead of the… foie gras, or some other stupid crack. . And notably, it appeared, very few of the senior diners were using their phones to take photos, even of themselves.

    PM was in Cambridge, to some, questionably gifting, 33 Million bucks to Toyota towards development of a Canadian made hybrid vehicle. But nevertheless, it´s corporately cabal-ishly nefarious…

  6. jon Says:

    More disturbing than her choice for a story to write about is the lack of shame and integrity such a decision telegraphs — especially in this day and age of social media and the Internet in general where people of her ilk not only don’t control and contain the message anymore.

    And for reasons that are completely beyond me, they continue to behave as if it’s pre mid 90s, where the only sources of news and information you got in those days was that provided to you by the broadcast and print media.

    I’m not sure what’s worse…

    Projecting incompetence as she has by not seeing even the potential of the criticism that such a “report” could and likely would generate — one that calls her integrity into question as a result.


    Being fully aware of how it makes her look but simply not caring.

    One shows she possesses very little in the ways of critical thinking; the other that she lacks integrity.Either way she needs to pursue a different career path. I’ll leave it to speculation as to what I think that should be.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Disgusting! Whats next going through the Harper family household garbage?

  8. Rob C Says:

    It would appear IMHO this”older woman” is stocking this young man like a groupie. Now that is scary.

  9. AlbertaGirl Says:

    Bubba..I’m sure the Hardy Boys go through the Harper’s garbage quite regularily..seems their style..look until you find something.

  10. burton Says:

    Wow! And I thought the Joe Mcginniss/ Sarah Palin story was creepy. So what’s next Laura? Is there a house for rent next door to the school? Y’know, just so you can keep an eye on things.

  11. Blame Crash Says:

    This is pure intimidation. What’s really happening here is the casing-out a member of the Prime Ministers family for the express purpose of aiding and abetting any anonymous “Prog nut case” who may be thinking of doing them harm. Let there be no doubt about this being a low-level form of terrorism.

  12. Liz J Says:

    This is getting kinda close to a form of stalking, it’s really none of her or the country’s business, she has no other legitimate reason to do this.Of what interest or importance is the Twitter account of the teen age son of our Prime Minister other than looking for something to USE against the Harper family? She should be fired.

  13. Billy Says:

    This, so called, journalist got her degree from that bastion of left wing hate, Carleton U.

  14. Alain Says:

    I suggest that as many people as possible start doing the same thing with the family members of this “journalists”. They need a taste of their own medicine.

  15. brad maynard Says:

    bottom feeder journalism right there.

  16. Brian Mouland Says:

    Years ago Frank Magazine ran a contest to see who would be the first to deflower Caroline Mulroney daughter of then PM Brian Mulroney. Sadly the state of journalism has lowered itself to that level again

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