Chief Spence calls Senator Brazeau an “asshole”

spence asshole tweet

The above was sent out from Chief Theresa Spence’s official Twitter account.

Will the media now find out who tweeted that about Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau? Was it Spence or one of her spokespeople?

h/t Uncle Bob

Update: From Sun News

Spence spokeswoman Lowa Beebe said on Twitter the post wasn’t from the chief. She said Spence’s supporters set up the account, @ChiefSpence, and three people have access to it (see here)

Update: Brazeau responds (see here)


13 Responses to “Chief Spence calls Senator Brazeau an “asshole””

  1. Diane Suski Says:

    This person has defamed many people in this comment. It just shows how ignorant she really is. But let’s not forget that she has no problem accepting $10,000,000 from these colonized assholes and has no problem spending $ 60,000 + on a fake diet!

  2. Liz J Says:

    Well, who has access to her Twitter account, her accounts manager perhaps? One would assume she’s not feeling too well when she has been taken to hospital for a check-up and IV infusion to counteract all the damage that fishy broth diet may have done to her hulk.

    • jmw Says:

      That hospital visit may well have been staged. Sorry, as a health care professional, my opinion is that Chief Spence did not appear (by recent photographs) to be either malnourished not dehydrated. She is certainly not in the condition someone on a 40 day liquid diet would appear as. Even adhering to a major weight reduction diet, the weight loss projected should be about 5 lbs. per week. After 40 days (8 weeks), she should be at least 40 lbs. lighter. You judge. Just saying’……

      • Carole Says:

        She claims she lost 30 lbs. Sorry, I looked like a completely different person after losing 30 lbs. I’m thinking there were a few midnight snacks thrown in there behind closed doors.She doesn’t look any different . Phony, staged and an utter lie. she has done more harm than she could ever have imagined to her cause. it’s not Harper creatng divisions…the natives don’t need any help with that. They do not represent a united front…yet we’re supposed to all genuflect to their pressure. Absurd is an understatement.

  3. Milt w Says:

    The fish broth may have affected her reasoning or perhaps it was the caviar? An “asshole” (colonized persons call it Rectum) is vital and necessary to a normal persons living but perhaps living on fish broth made hers redundant?

  4. ohboy Says:

    Its hard to say just who authored the comment BUT the buck stops at the official account holder… namely ms spence. My take would be that now she has seen her name in lights …her life’s never going to be the same without that self induced junkie hit of fame… hence keeping current at least in her own mind.
    I think the ‘ chief ‘ will do whatever it takes to stay famous. Sadly she fails to realise her fifteen minutes of fluff are over.

    Welcome now Canada’s latest victim pest .

    • Martin Says:

      Nothing is ever Spence’s fault, the $850/day to her boyfriend, the missing housing $ millions, all is a devilish plot to discredit her.She must really believe a lot of us are really stupid.

  5. Jen Says:

    The so call Declaration which Spence and the opposition parties conspired together reminds me of the ndp-bloc-liberal coop d’etat. It is so familiar that you can taste it. NDP has been against the c45 from day one and regardless what’s in that bill for aboriginals the NDP does not want it. Items which the previous liberals would not have dream of doing far less give to the Aboriginals.
    Now that the opposition parties and Spence brought in their own Declaration the liberals and the NDP would have to live up to their promises or else……
    Every excuse from the liberals would be shouted from the rooftops so as not to give a dime to the Aboriginals since they the liberals, are masters of taking TAX PAYERS dollars for themselves. The media would have to continue with their charade.

    Futhermore, the NDP are for the UNIONS so how can they give money to a bunch of natives when their UNION BOSSES would demand their fair share of the pie. What excuse then will the NDP use to avoid paying the natives. ESPECIALLY, WHEN THE NDP SHUT DOWN THE VERY ECONOMY-THE OILSANDS. How and with what will the NDP pay both the UNION BOSSES and CHIEFS.

  6. Jen Says:

    After all that hard endless work by the msm trying to cover up Chief Spence’s mismanagement, and all the daily MSM chorus against the CPC for Chief Spence. All that ‘blame and gotcha games- THE MSM ARE NOT ALLOWED to ask Chief Spence any questions and were kicked out of the premises.

    The DARLING MSM SUCKERS GOT SUCKERED IN. GOOD. In fact, the opposition do this regularly-treat the msm the same way as Spence is doing. GOOD.

  7. Bec Says:

    “typical colonized indian asshole”

    First off, racist and second….. and as important, why the reference to ‘indian’? “indian” in the context that THEY are referring is a proper noun and so therefore, should have been capitalized……or not used at all.

    If I walked around saying ‘Hey you, indian, can I give you a Loonie for your shopping cart, THAT would be racist in their books but when they do it to one of their own, it’s tolerated? A complete double, triple standard.

    And further, I don’t see ‘Indian’ as a race but a culture. I’m pretty sure that ‘race’ is THEIR issue, not ours…not Canadians as a group. What this group and their ilk have done is LOOK like spoiled babies as well as intolerant bigots of their own bands.
    If they had respect before, they likely have little now.

    ps….even ‘spell check’ capitalilzes ‘indian’….they should try it 🙂

  8. jon Says:

    Brazeau’s response is very well-worded. And unlike Chief Spence, who made the story all about herself (most Canadians knew nothing of what she stood for but rather only what her actions were), Brazeau makes it about the issues and not himself.

    It doesn’t really matter that the response wasn’t directly from Spence herself; whoever posted it is sympatico with her so it’s all the same.

    An articulate guy who uses sound argument to advance his position vs those who respond to it using profanity — worse, not even addressing the issue in the process.

    Shame on Spence and her surrogates.

  9. Jen Says:

    Canada’s First Nations

    The successes and failures of self-governance for Canada’s First Nations

    A three-part series examining the issues of Native Canadians

    By David Akin,Parliamentary Bureau Chief
    First posted: Friday, January 25, 2013 12:00 AM MST

    “Governance jurisdiction by First Nations over their lands and resources is the key to success,” Louie told Prime Minister Stephen Harper and chiefs from across the country last year at the historic First Nations-Crown Gathering in Ottawa.

    PM Harper did consult with FNs. but as usual, when certain media have the major airwaves, they dictate to its viewers what they are going to hear and see. A VERY COMMUNISTIC STYLE reporting.

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