Harper once again shames the Senate – this time adds an expense cheat

doug black

I’ve documented some of PM Stephen Harper’s appointments who have made an even bigger mockery of the Canadian Senate (see here, here and here) but to now put in a blatant taxpayer-funded expense cheat is beyond shameful.

New Alberta Senator Doug Black is a proven abuser of public monies (see here) and so just when we finally get rid of one, Harper appoints our new “Bev Oda’.

It makes me sick.

Update: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has waded in

“There’s a cloud surrounding Doug Black and his suitability for a high office because of what happened when he was the U of C chairman,” Fildebrandt said.

“I believe he can lift that cloud … if he would lead by example and post his expenses online with receipts.

“If he would do so, he would be setting an example for the rest of the House of Commons and the Senate by being the only senator to actually disclose his expenses.” (see here)

Update: The CTF has uncovered that Black had tried to get the University of Calgary to pay for a Alberta PC donation (see here)

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