Harper once again shames the Senate – this time adds an expense cheat

doug black

I’ve documented some of PM Stephen Harper’s appointments who have made an even bigger mockery of the Canadian Senate (see here, here and here) but to now put in a blatant taxpayer-funded expense cheat is beyond shameful.

New Alberta Senator Doug Black is a proven abuser of public monies (see here) and so just when we finally get rid of one, Harper appoints our new “Bev Oda’.

It makes me sick.

Update: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has waded in

“There’s a cloud surrounding Doug Black and his suitability for a high office because of what happened when he was the U of C chairman,” Fildebrandt said.

“I believe he can lift that cloud … if he would lead by example and post his expenses online with receipts.

“If he would do so, he would be setting an example for the rest of the House of Commons and the Senate by being the only senator to actually disclose his expenses.” (see here)

Update: The CTF has uncovered that Black had tried to get the University of Calgary to pay for a Alberta PC donation (see here)


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  1. dmorris Says:

    This IS one area that Harper does not differ from any other Leader, which is disappointing. I had hoped Harper would consider candidates from outside the usual elite, maybe some real Canadians who could bring a new perspective to the Senate, but no such luck.

    I recommended a fellow who : served 5 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, worked as the Western head of maintenance for a major computer company for over 20 years, left that to become a computer systems specialist for a major transit authority, was a computer specialist for EMO, volunteered for many community programs including service clubs and kids sports,had a squeaky clean record, not so much as a speeding ticket.

    And he worked unpaid for the Reform and Conservative Parties for over 20 years.

    The PMO thanked me for my input and instead appointed fat cats like Wallin and Duffy, more members of the elite.

    I guess I expected more of a change than Harper was willing to make. Just once, I’d like to see some of these appointments go to one of US, the Great Unwashed, one of the REAL Canadian heroes, the quiet people who do the work, make the Country run, instead of spending their lives politicking and sucking up to politicians.

    • Rod Says:

      Albertans elect(or they use to) their Senators(eg. Bert Brown), so isn’t he just appointing someone that was chosen by the people? I’m curious. I don’t know the full details of this appointment, or all the info surrounding Black.

    • Liz J Says:

      It’s a good bet appointing Wallin and Duffy was a chess move to aggravate the Lib/Left who thought they were one of them as much as anything else. They were trophies in a way, and judging by the way they got shunned by the media, especially Duffy is more than enough proof.

  2. Rich Says:

    Bob Black was actually voted in by the people of Alberta; the PMSH is honoring his commitment to appoint only Senators from Alberta that have gone through the electoral process. This is something that the people of BC should be pushing for from their elected politicians. A truly Elected Effective & Equal (EEE) Senate. The PM is still sticking to his commitment when he first became Prime Minister in 2006.

    If EEE was accomplished all bills would get better scrutiny and more debate before implementation.

    • BC Blue Says:

      And when Christy Clark Gerry-rigs the senate election process to instill one of her cronies…

      • Liz J Says:

        Will Clark be in office long enough to do much of anything? The people of BC have to wake up at some point.

        • BC Blue Says:

          She may not but I have it on good authority that she was/is trying to do. Remember though there will be a NDP government here come May. Think about them rigging it up so a NDPer sits in the Senate as a Conservative

  3. Alain Says:

    The PM invited each province to elect their own senators, but all except Alberta rejected the offer. That by the way would result in an elected Senate instead of what we have. The next step would have been to enact term limits, which would allow the voters to turf those who abused their position. In light of this the PM is probably fed up with the lack of will by the provinces and has no reason not to continue the Liberal tradition in the appointment of senators.

  4. Bec Says:

    This guy was elected by Albertans…..or he ran up the middle (i.e. hint hint Ms REDford) so he must be sent to the Senate. There is no option here and opinions (including mine) are irrelevant.
    Albertans, reap what they sow!

    • BC Blue Says:

      What if he was charged for expense fraud while waiting to be appointed by Harper? No option still?

      • Bec Says:

        I guess that I am discussing ‘elected’ VS ‘appointed’. Based on the obvious election of this guy, was he appointed or elected?
        My point is the PM has an elected person from AB. Right or wrong, that is the point of an elected Senator, to eventually take his place when an opening occurs. He/She may be a huge mistake but that is for the system to uncover, isn’t it? (and hopefully embarrass the Senator should it be deemed appropriate)

  5. Bec Says:


  6. Liz J Says:

    I’m wondering if the PM is attempting to highlight the outmoded practice of appointing people to the Senate to get the provinces to smarten up and elect them? It’s a simple option to opening up the Constitution and will give the accountability we need in the Upper Chamber.

    This is the obligation of the sitting PM to appoint people to fill the vacancies. Much like proroguing parliament, appointing of Senators was never the big story under the Liberals but somehow it’s wrong for the Conservative PM to do so.

  7. old white guy Says:

    it is long past time to scrap the senate. if this requires a constitutional change then get started.

  8. Rich Says:

    Pamela Wallin was appointed to the Senate by PMSH and all appointed Conservative Senators service only 8 years and will step down whenever their respective provinces move to Senatorial elections as Alberta has done. Saskatchewan I believe is the only other province that presently has a senate election bill before their parliament. Wallin has stated that once that bill becomes law, and Saskatchewan hold a Senatorial election, she would step down and run in the election.

  9. wilson Says:

    WE Albertans, through a democratic process, chose Mr Black for appointment to the Senate to represent Albertans.
    I don’t have a vote in BC.

    PMSH has never made a mockery of any Govt Institution, in my opinion.
    And this appointment to the Senate is no exception. Albertans chose Mr Black.

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