National Post calls rural Ontarians ‘anti-gay bigots’

chris selley

Proud “life-long Torontonian” and National Post columnist Chris Selley posted this about people who happen not to live smack dab in the centre of the universe:

“Will rural folk really vote for … (whisper it) a gay?” (see here)

Downtown Toronto Media Party member sneering at the backwards bigoted hicks in rural Ontario.



Liberal Party official behind organzing business boycott over my Idle No More column

cherish lynn rose

The co-chair of a Liberal Party national group (see here) is trying to damage businesses who advertise, print and determine what is published in the Midnight Sun News:

cherish Lynn Rose boycott

So here we have the Liberal Party using the Idle No More movement to not just boycott businesses and censor news organizations but also attack political enemies.

Also: You can read my column that has created this boycott attempt here

Update: I have received information that a Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce executive (and Liberal) is publicly endorsing this boycott which is aimed at fellow Chamber members. I am looking for confirmation and will update if I receive.

Update: Below is the boycott letter handed to a Whitehorse printing company by the Liberal Party official

boycott letter

Update: Video of Cherish Lynn Rose (who also goes by the name Cherish Clarke) handing the boycott letter to the printing company’s owner can be seen here

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