Liberal Party official behind organzing business boycott over my Idle No More column

cherish lynn rose

The co-chair of a Liberal Party national group (see here) is trying to damage businesses who advertise, print and determine what is published in the Midnight Sun News:

cherish Lynn Rose boycott

So here we have the Liberal Party using the Idle No More movement to not just boycott businesses and censor news organizations but also attack political enemies.

Also: You can read my column that has created this boycott attempt here

Update: I have received information that a Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce executive (and Liberal) is publicly endorsing this boycott which is aimed at fellow Chamber members. I am looking for confirmation and will update if I receive.

Update: Below is the boycott letter handed to a Whitehorse printing company by the Liberal Party official

boycott letter

Update: Video of Cherish Lynn Rose (who also goes by the name Cherish Clarke) handing the boycott letter to the printing company’s owner can be seen here


10 Responses to “Liberal Party official behind organzing business boycott over my Idle No More column”

  1. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    Oddly enough, she appears to targeting businesses that do NOT determine what is published in Midnight Sun News, but merely happen to have purchased ad space or print the magazine as an independent unaffiliated printer.

  2. Al Fedoriak Says:

    I have always believed that not organization or group mas a monopoly on idiot.Idle No More has proven me wrong.

  3. Loren Maluorno Says:

    Well…what else are they going to do. Obviousy, the MSN has become a threat to the left when they have to drag the kid’s out again to bang their pot’s and beat their drums. They haven’t had any issues of any substance for years. The defunct, disscredited and demoralized Liberal party, is once again jumping on any band wagon to try and get the uneducated and uninformed Canadian’s on their side. Just another sign that grasping at straws is all they have.. left…pun intended!

  4. Milt W Says:

    Let’s hope that when crissy feels in her heart that she is Indian she has sense enough to differentiate. North American or Eastern?

  5. Thucydides Says:

    Hit them back twice as hard: out each and every one of them by name, and make sure this is publicized by every means possible (even if you have to post handbills on street corners). Let all the neighbours know what sort of a vicious, unprincipled snakes lives in their midst, and suggest they act accordingly to these individuals.

  6. Loren Maluorno Says:

    I doubt it very much that she wrote that letter, it’s a little mature for her and contains a very Liberal Party stance. Which is, anything that the Conservatives do, they are against. Further, with all the left wing dribble that comes out of the Yukon News every week…when was the last time you saw the mostly Conservative advertiser’s, do anything such as this?…..Just another left wing desperation move. Besides self destructing a majority Yukon Government ten years ago, lost most of their high ranking exec to the Y.P., of which, some are now sitting M.L.A.’s, of the Yukon Party…and having one of their M.L.A.’s walk the floor and sit as an independant recently,…This is as I said earlier, at best, grasping at straws.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Well I guess they figure they have said all that there needs to be said about that.
    I loved your article Dean, to the point honest and those that prefer an alternate universe well….
    They can go out get a job and finance it themselves.
    The whole “Starvation from da reservation” sthick was so phony only CBC and Bob Rae with the little NDPers bought it.
    The Canadian taxpayer sure didn’t.
    The financial accountability act is on the order paper as parliment resumes.
    Enough already.
    The truth shall set you freee!

  8. Sue Says:

    Well congrats on your uncomfortable truths column in the MS News. It was very well done and obviously an affront to the local INM supporter who sees herself as the latest belle to the ball for all too idle leftwing of Canada. Well done!

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