National Post calls rural Ontarians ‘anti-gay bigots’

chris selley

Proud “life-long Torontonian” and National Post columnist Chris Selley posted this about people who happen not to live smack dab in the centre of the universe:

“Will rural folk really vote for … (whisper it) a gay?” (see here)

Downtown Toronto Media Party member sneering at the backwards bigoted hicks in rural Ontario.




16 Responses to “National Post calls rural Ontarians ‘anti-gay bigots’”

  1. Eric Says:

    I think you’re misinterpreting Selley’s point – he attributes the sentiment not to himself but to editorial writers at the Toronto Star. Here’s the relevant passage

    “It is also true, as Postmedia’s Andrew Coyne notes, that Wynne’s sexuality had a bizarrely high profile during the campaign — not least thanks to the Sandra Pupatello-endorsing Toronto Star and its editorialists and columnists, of all people. And the question they raised was straight out of 1988: Will rural folk really vote for … (whisper it) a gay? “Wynne’s decision to confront the issue (if it can be called that) in her well-received speech to the convention must be counted as one of the more dramatic moments in Canadian political history,” Coyne writes; “the open willingness of so many in the party to disqualify her on that basis one of the ugliest.”

    Selley goes on to write:

    “Anyhoo, now that the race is over, all seem to agree that Wynne’s sexuality is (in Coyne’s words) “the least of her worries.” Quite apart from anything else, L. Ian MacDonald notes in the Citizen, she’s … (whisper it) from Toronto.”

    It seems to me that Selley’s main point is that Wynne’s sexual orientation is irrelevant, and attempts to bring it up in the context of a rural Ontario vs Toronto conflict of interest have backfired.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Ms Wynne is being typically Liberal, she’ll pander to and target special interest groups, she proved that by even mentioning her sexuality. So she happens to be gay, female and married to her partner, she’ll use that to shore up support from that demographic. We can expect her to do the same with teachers’ unions. Ontario is not in good hands with a continuation of the McGuinty quagmire and given the NDP have said they will work with the Wynne led Liberals there’s not much hope for the province with that mix.

    The National Post would do well to point out the real problems, nobody gives a hoot about Wynne’s sexuality, rural folks included, we care about whether we will be able to pay our energy bills and keep our homes in this horrible mess called Ontario.

    • old white guy Says:

      sexually she is a female, check out her dna. her sexual behaviour is homosexual or lesbian if you wish. all that aside she is a tax and spend liberal who will be just as bad for ontario as dalton was.

  3. burton Says:

    I don’t know Dean – I didn’t read it that way. Are you sure Selley wasn’t throwing a dart at Torstar?

    • BC Blue Says:

      No way that line gets written without an inherent bias nor would it be acceptable to play this in other ways ie Asians voters won’t vote for a black candidate

  4. Ian Says:

    He wouldn’t dare write that many immigrants also wouldn’t vote fir a gay premier. Certainly not muslim ones.

  5. dmorris Says:

    Apart from her sexual preferences, Wynne did hold several Ministerial positions. So, in the opinion of Ontarians who are familiar with her career, how competent was she heading those Ministries?

    That’s all that counts,ability,competence,nothing else. She can be gay,straight,or asexual, who gives a damn,but is she disposed to fixing the corrupt mess that is Ontario’s government right now?

    Or can we expect more of McGuinty’s type of governance and corruption?

  6. Martin Says:

    I also read this piece earlier and thought nothing much about it, that Selley is implying that TorStar writers think this, not him. But there is no direct quote. So your contention is that Selley is saying what he believes, but masking it somewhat by attributing it to TorStar opinion?
    Is there a journalistic term for this practice? How common is it today?

  7. john Says:

    There appear to be those here who believe you missed the point BC Blue and are willing to give Chris Selley a pass.

    Really, why bother though? The herd mentality is so deeply ingrained in the national, eastern press that it is not even necessary to read a columnist or news story to know how the author stands on a given issue. Gays – good/compassionate – Rural people bad/bigoted. It is as predictable as the next sunrise.

  8. burton Says:

    “There appear to be those here who believe you missed the point BC Blue and are willing to give Chris Selley a pass.”

    Uh uh…No one gets a journalistic pass in my world. But I get what Dean is saying.
    Perhaps a little cutesy journalistic wordplay on Selley’s part – A hybrid of ‘Trait ascription bias’ perhaps?
    Y’know, right up there with “People close to the Prime Minister say that he’s …”(fill in the blanks)


  9. Emily Says:

    I gotta tell you Dean, I don’t see the outrage here. I see it as a shot at Torstar myself.

    With that I don’t see any difference in exchanging a not gay male McGuinty with a gay female McGuinty. They are the same person and Ontario is in for more hurt long before it gets any better. And that is the real pathetic story.

  10. Blame Crash Says:

    So the very same Prog hypocrites who despise and loath anyone “not of their own kind” and would never vote for some “Rural”, are themselves accusing said “Rurals” with what they themselves do openly and they do this dirty deed with their media megaphone in the faces of those who don’t have any recourse but to take it. Give this tribe of Prog fascists enough power and they’ll have us all marching into a boxcar at the point of a bayonet. Just like their ideological fore fathers did.
    And as far as this Selley character goes, if he wants to re-broadcast the Stars hate filled propaganda, he should man-up and come out in full opposition to it rather than his candy-assed sniffy-sniff-ness. Anything less is just weak kneed support of it.

  11. Brad maynard Says:

    Apparently my passing indifference to people of homosexual orientation is offensive. I suppose I shall have to work on my activism, maybe take a trophy boyfriend to complete my false appearance that I actually give a rats ass who they bed.
    Liberal la la land is getting awful tiring these days.

  12. Brian Mouland Says:

    Another MSM created crisis

  13. Gerry Eisner Says:

    Her being a lesbian is unlikely to be a problem even for rural Ontarians. Her policies probably will though.

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