Does the CBC have a BBC’s Jimmy Savile running around loose?


Sun News Brian Lilley documents over 1400 pages of harassment files from two CBC offices in just a year and a half yet no one is sounding the alarm. (see video here)

Does the minister in charge, James Moore not care?


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  1. jmw Says:

    Shortly after the 2011 election, many Conservatives hoped James Moore, Big Boss of the CBC, would reduce the 1.1 billion dollars in funding or cut it completely. Sun News at that time reported hearing from someone at the CBC that they were not worried. The CBC had James Moore “trained” or words to that effect. I have often wondered since, what they meant by that or if they had something on James Moore that he wouldn’t risk exposing. One thing is for certain, they are in contempt of the law regarding their lack of accountability and transparency, and James Moore has failed to do anything about it.

  2. Sean M Says:

    Who knows what goes on behind the scenes at the CBC, nothing would surprise me. The CBC is like a monster that terrorizes Canadians, a grotesque beast that nobody knows how to kill. They are unaccountable to anyone, and has Ministers like James Moore terrified of their shadowy powers. Lets face it, any and all abuses could very well be going on behind the scenes, much the same as any unaccountable, only answerable to themselves organizations.

  3. Blame Crash Says:

    They’ve been screwing with Canadians minds for decades. Does anyone actually think that they’d stop at that? I don’t think so!

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    Yeah makes me wonder WTF James Moore is thinking. He IS a Cnservative, right?

    • dmorris Says:

      I think Moore would be more at home with the LPC. I don’t think the CBC “has” anything on Moore, it’s just that he’s of the same mindset as they are.

      In a meeting here a while back,Moore repeated the same old cliches about parts of Canada being ONLY served by CBC,and that is is an important part of the National fabric,and the glue that holds the Nation together,etc,etc.

      Moore wants to put in his time and collect his fat pension,with as few controversies and difficulties as possible. It would take a politician of rare fortitude to take on the CBC,and the resulting howls of outrage from the usual crowd would resound for years.

      The chances of his re-election would be slim to none.

      Moore is no statesman, just another left-leaning Tory sitting in a comfortable chair.

      Interesting that the managers won’t tell the Board any details of their legal battles, highly unusual,bears investigating.

      • BC Blue Says:

        There is no doubt in my mind that Moore would be just as happy to have been a Liberal MP if he could have been elected as one.

      • Sean M Says:

        I remember Moore self righteously bellowing about how without the CBC there would be no french radio or other french telecommunications in Vancouver, British Columbia… Well duh… It doesn’t seem to dawn on him the complete imbecility of that comment. Of course, without forcing the taxpayer to pay for the imposition of french telecommunications in BC there wouldn’t be any french television or radio, because the reality of it is that the french language is completely and utterly irrelevant in BC. It wouldn’t exist because there’s no reason for it to exist, other then the federal Governments imposition of french as an “official language”. Somehow, Moore thinks that spreading this type of tribal social engineering “keeps the country together”… If it looks like a “Liberal” and says idiotic things like a “Liberal, than it’s probably a “Liberal”.

  5. Michael Harkov Says:

    Well, I was hoping like hell Harper would do this by now with a majority, but it seems clear to me now that he’d rather not piss left-tards off even if it would make a lot of C(c)onervatives happy.

    The ONLY way that defunding he CBC is ever going to happen is if the Tories gey a second majority. Every government has a shelf life and if his is on the way out after a second majority term anyway it won’t effect him politically then to do it. I know that is cynical and I would rather they take a principled stand and cut them off IMMEDIATELY, but that is the ONLY way that is ever going to happen.

    • john Says:

      Micheal Harkov’s comment has a lot of truth in it.

      In Canada, (and increasingly in the States) the electorate is willing to allow a given leader about 10 years (give or take) in power. After that they are tossed out. Unfortunately Harper is now on the descending side of his allowed time. If he can pull off another majority then he has to make some BIG moves during that time because it will almost certainly be over after that without another chance for another 10 years or so.

      That means BIG BIG moves in the Liberals three biggest allies, the media (CBC), the courts (SCOC appointments) and bureaucracy (staff appointments).

      When he campaigns for a new majority, **REAL CONSERVATIVES** (not liberals who are using the CPC as a means to get a cushy government job – like Moore) need to speak out loudly in the political backrooms and say these are their demands if the CPC wants their support on election day.

  6. burton Says:

    Which of course, begs the question – If his Conservative chops are questionable ( and they certainly are if you read his Wikipedia page) then why on earth would he be given this particular portfolio of all things? Especially when one considers that every Conservative I (speaking for myself) know wants CBC slashed to the bone.
    I’m beginning to think Harper didn’t/doesn’t have the stomach to go toe to toe with them.

  7. Stan Says:

    I’m donating money to whoever is running against moore in his riding in the next election.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Support another Conservative candidate in the nomination

      • Liz J Says:

        Yeah, that’s the best plan.

      • Patrick Says:

        Here in Canada the party will decide who runs under the party name right? Party members vote but it is the party that ultimately decides? Wouldn’t an American way of whoever the party members nominate is the person that runs and party has no say. I think of Alaska two years ago and conservatives voted to have the tea party guy Miller run as republican but the establishment didn’t like it but had no say. That way Canadian conservatives can vote for an actual conservative to run under the Conservative Party name and not have some progressive picked by our weak (still too progressive) Conservatives.

        • BC Blue Says:

          The Conservatives have a candidate nomination process but it can be easily hi-jacked by the party’s political operations manager. I have first hand knowledge…

  8. Liz J Says:

    I find Moore to be subtly arrogant in his responses to questions. I’m not sure what the Conservative game plan is regarding CBC or even if there is one but Moore is certainly not appealing to most Conservatives. CBC is beyond repair due to years of Liberal Left infestation.

  9. john Says:

    BC Blue This comment is somewhat off topic and I apoligize for that but I came upon this blog when i Googled “CBC’S major advertisers”

    It tells how Ford of Canada influenced the CBC. Maybe it’s true maybe not. BUT as I have said before letters to Ford could be a useful way to attack the CBC. The blog is definately a leftist one but the information, if accurate could be useful.

    If our politicians don’t have the balls to tackle the CBC directly maybe letters to the advertisers will do the trick.

  10. Brian Mouland Says:

    When you have no accountability stuff like this happens

  11. Jen Says:

    Nevertheless the NDP and Liberals demanded in the HOC that CBC be given more money.
    Evans Solomon imo can’t think for himself without the permission from his boss. Evans has yet to realize that that the people he is lying too are his boss-WE THE TAXPAYERS ARE HIS BOSS.

    Radicals use CBC knowing that CBC is not a respected newscentre and that the reporters are zombies on a lease so why use them to carry out their message.

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