US funded groups trying to influence who wins Liberal leadership race

george soros

The American organization Avaaz funded by billionaire George Soros is trying to get MP Joyce Murray elected leader of the Liberal Party:

Avaaz, an even larger online group that supports electoral co-operation, is similarly joining the fray, sending an email alert to its more than 500,000 Canadian members, urging them to participate in the democratic process of the party of their choice.

“But we also let them know that … there is a leadership race where co-operation is up for grabs and in this case it’s the Liberal party’s leadership race and there’s a candidate who’s clearly out for co-operation,” said Emma Ruby-Sachs, a campaign director with Avaaz. 

Also trying to decide who becomes the next Liberal leader is the NDP-backed Leadnow and the Dogwood Initiative which is funded by the US-based organization, Tides. (see here)

Imagine if it were US conservative groups trying to interfere in Canadian leadership races – the Media Party would go ape.

Trudeau’s top advisor thinks child porn is funny

butts trudeau

Not only did Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Principal Advisor Gerald Butts send out this tweet about Tom Flanagan’s child porn comments, Trudeau himself thought it hilarious enough to make sure people were aware that he agreed.

trudeau butts 1

Child pornography is joke-worthy right?

Also: This idiotic tweet was sent by Liberal MP Ralph Goodale


From the guy who sat in caucus with Alfonso Gagliano.

Update: Trudeau has now cowardly deleted the tweet and Goodale responded


CBC’s Tom Flanagan has officially lost it


How the CBC will keep ex-Harper adviser/CPC national campaign manager and current Wildrose Party campaign manager on the air after this comment on child pornography will be interesting to see:

“On the child pornography issue … I certainly have no sympathy for child molesters,” he says in a video posted online.

“But I do have some great doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures. I don’t look at these pictures.” (see here)

Career ender…

Update: The Wildrose Party has now dumped Flanagan (see here). As I’ve said many time before, Danielle Smith made a huge mistake having him run their election campaign to begin with.

Update: CBC has fired Flanagan (see here)

Update: The Manning Centre organizers have pulled Flanagan from his speaker’s position

Liberal MP accused of lying to Canada Border Services Agency


Someone will have to explain to me how it is possible for Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis to remain inside the Liberal caucus after the CBCA says he intentionally mislead them about the whereabouts of a Greek band:

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis intervened to speed up the passage of five Greek musicians through customs and immigration control this month, allegedly telling officials the quintet was in Toronto to perform at his father’s wake, according to a report into the incident.

In fact, singer Katerina Stanisi and her four band members were in town for a sold-out performance at the Ellas Banquet Hall on Feb. 15 when they were stopped at Toronto Pearson International Airport because they didn’t have the necessary work permits. (see here)

Tell me that isn’t a criminal act?

Also: See earlier post where he says he was being attacked by Turks because he is Greek here

Globe’s Martin says Harper and Trudeau had same experience


You really wonder if the Globe and Mail’s Lawrence Martin actually believes this crap about Justin Trudeau being equal to Stephen Harper in terms of readiness for becoming prime minister:

For a course in political immersion, it’s hard to beat. Years of foreign leaders and premiers and princes and kings traipsing through your living room. Heated debates at your dining room table. Daily life with Papa PM during the fight for the country in the 1980 referendum. Constitutional negotiations with the premiers just down the stairs from your bedroom. Foreign trips to broaden the perspective. Then, all the counsel and tutoring in his father’s post-prime-ministerial years. (see here)

Or is Martin just delusional in thinking anyone is buying his BS?

Also: See earlier post where Martin admitted agreeing to write a fawning column to promote Bank of Canada’s Mark Carney for leader of the Liberal Party here

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