Conservative senator alleges CTV “altered a tape”


The above screen shot shows a very serious allegation made by Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau over CTV’s story (see here) of him ‘mocking Chief Theresa Spence’.

I’ll update when CTV responds.

Update: Apparently CTV is refusing to respond



10 Responses to “Conservative senator alleges CTV “altered a tape””

  1. jmw Says:

    What’s not to mock?

  2. Joe Says:

    I always thought CTV was an abbreviated form of misinformation/misleading. I refuse to watch CBC, CTV and Global for that very reason.

  3. dmorris Says:

    Brazeau is merely accusing CTV of doing what NBC does constantly. They never get in trouble for it, so I don’t expect CTV will either. Who can he complain to,the Broadcast Standards Council, another bloody Canadian joke like the CRTC?
    I have absolutely no belief in the integrity of any of the News media in Canada or the U.S.,and spend a lot of time on the internet trying to confirm their stories.

  4. Thucydides Says:

    Anyonein public life needs to have their own camera crew (even an aide with a smart phone) to record and unedited interviews and be prepared to download this on YouTube right away.

  5. E Mac Says:

    dmorris: Yes, myself as well and it’s a tough job.
    It is fairly easy to disseminate the wheat from the chaff or the truth from the BS.
    Canadians are not fooled in the least.

  6. Charley Cross Says:

    Cannot wait to hear what CTV says. Although I doubt they will respond.

    I find more real news here on Dean’s site that I do in a year of MSM. Thanks Dean.

  7. Audio proof CTV ran false story about Conservative senator « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Also: See earlier post on Brazeau asking CTV’s Robert Fife, Lisa LaFlamme and Kevin Newman to explain themselves here […]

  8. jmw Says:

    Not good enough CTV. Hopefully Senator Brazeau will not let this go away. NBC was caught recently editing tapes as well which gave a false impression of the news report. The mainstream media has already lost a great deal of it’s credibility. Apparently they just can’t get used to the fact that people can FACT CHECK now via the internet and out them when they do this kind of high-jacking.

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