Racist Ottawa Citizen story on Conservative Senator Brazeau

teresa smith

The Ottawa Citizen’s “city desk reporter” Teresa Smith has written some nauseating pro-Chief Theresa Spence fluff pieces but this one questioning Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau’s ‘right’ to speak as a First Nation member completely crosses the line:

An area Algonquin chief says Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau should stop using his aboriginal heritage as a free pass to “tirade” against First Nations. (see here)

How many articles have the Media Party written about Spence’s same ‘right’?

Update: Brazeau responds “there you have it folks. Don’t dare use who you are as a person to have an opinion on anything. Accountability is priority #1”


16 Responses to “Racist Ottawa Citizen story on Conservative Senator Brazeau”

  1. mahmood Says:

    She must be infected with the McGregor disease.

  2. Ontario Girl Says:

    Looks like the lefty media all got together with the same talking points on this one….here’s another one from lefty Mia Robson from the Wpg. free press (she’s a regular on the Don Martin Harper bashing show)…just as pathetic
    It was on CBC radio this morning that the people from Attawapiskat want to know where their money went.


    • BC Blue Says:

      You noticed that too huh?

      • Ian Says:

        The MSM are loathe to write anything negative about their heroine Spence and the idle no more. They’ve been sitting around waiting for a conservative to make a comment, or tweet something nice and juicy to jump on.

  3. dmorris Says:

    Are these bloody fools SO star-struck by the uncharismatic Spence that they can’t see the harm that Spence is doing and has done to her own people?

    How can any person NOT see the truth,that Spence is guilty ,at the very least of egregious mismanagement of her Band’s finances?
    Are left-wing Reporters stuck intellectually at age 9?

    • Liz J Says:

      The finances of the Attawapiskat reserve are apparently being looked after by the Fish Broth Queen’s partner, amour, whatever. Surely she has the final word on how and where the money goes, if not she’s not doing her job.

      What’s really outrageous is the fact she’s presiding Chief/Mayor of a tiny reserve where her people are living in squalor right under her nose as she drives a Cadillac Escalade. All this while twits like Charlie Angus hoot and holler in the HOC blaming the Harper government.

  4. Martin Says:

    On the same page is the story of Stephen Maher writing an e-thriller, his first such book. Some have it a lot of his robocall stories could also be labeled as works of fiction.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    When all else fails trot out the race card.
    I am not allowed to comment on account of being a whitey.
    I wish I was not allowed to contribute my tax dollars to this farce in a tee pee.
    If Senator Brazeau is not allowed to comment because he is the right race but don’t dare criticize our lady of fish soup and 4 star hotels.
    Sucking and blowin’ seem not to be just a whitey NDP-Q Liberal kinda thing.
    I think the Mayor isn’t given enough credit, she manages to use every single bit of my tax dollars.
    If we only knew for what.
    I really think, like most Canadians, the small town Mayor with an accounting problem is the one who made herself look foolish and everyone who has piled on trying to get her proclaimed the next native saint look completely ridiculous.
    CBC does not speak for me, they like Mayor Spence just take my money and do whatever they like with it.
    I am thinkin’ the accountability bill will clear up a lot of this nonsense.
    Bring it on.
    Either that or we should boycott revenue Canada, move into a Four Star Hotel and have “spontanous protests”
    over being ” taxed by the untaxable, set my people free”
    we could call our movement “Gettin’ Screwed no More”
    Personaly I would refuse to eat one more hostess ding-dong until I have a meeting with PM Harper, the GG, the Pope and the Deli Llama at Buckingham Palace.

  6. Bec Says:

    As a paid Journalist, she doesn’t have the right to pretend to be a journalist.

    So….see how that works Ms Smith.

  7. Thucydides Says:

    Timeto turn the Progressive’s weapons against them with full force. Everyone (and I mean everyone) needs to write, phone, email and otherwise contact the Citizen and protest their use of a racist journalist. Hound them mercilessly until they are forced to fire her.

    If they won’t see reason, escalate the campaign to advertizers, telling them you do not approve of their supporting a racist paper like the Citizen.

    This crap goes on because we let it go on; and we also don’t speak or take action when the progressives use their smear tactics, which only makes them bolder. Once “city desk reporter” Teresa Smith is gone, we need to start rooting out others like her in newspapers, TV stations, Universities, schools, bureaucracies and sitting in government offices. We can only win by going over to the offensive.

  8. Jen Says:

    Not once have I heard Angus tell Spence that Taxpayers are the ones fitting the bill. neither have I heard the reporters tell Spence the same thing and that they are there to investigate the whereabouts of the money.

  9. Jen Says:

    An area Algonquin chief says Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau should stop using his aboriginal heritage as a free pass to “tirade” against First Nations. (see here)

    Is this Algonguin chief ‘REALLY’ a true Aboriginal or just a immigrant like the rest of us. THEREFORE, we taxpayers don’t owe the chief any monies. Let the media give their taxdollars to Spence.

  10. Stan Says:

    ‘An area Algonquin chief’ says Brazeau shouldn’t use his ethnicity to justify hid comments?
    Isn’t the ‘area Algonquin chief’ doing just that?

    Just how stupid is this reporter?
    Is she another one of those meatheads that took up journalism because finger painting had too much math?

  11. Eskimo Says:

    His biggest sin was leaving the reservation. Bad Indian!

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