Ottawa Citizen’s Gardner equates Manning Centre speakers to “Aryan Nations”


How is it remotely acceptable for a Canadian journo to say that a conservative group made up of predominantly white people looks like “an Aryan Nations rally” as Ottawa Citizen’s Dan Gardner did?

Would a journo remark that a speaker line-up of mainly black people looks like a Black Panther meeting? No, because that would be a career ending comment.


8 Responses to “Ottawa Citizen’s Gardner equates Manning Centre speakers to “Aryan Nations””

  1. TangoJuliettre Says:

    Rude? Hardly.
    Ignorant? yes!
    Short on brains, long on racist, redneck mindsets? fer shure!
    Classic example of the loser-driven application of “Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies?” Oh yeah.
    Deploy Goodwin’s Law as an opening gambit? Serious paucity of even the most basic elements of any
    shred of human understanding, honesty, decency or personal intellectual integrity.

    This is not the work of a man, but rather, the drooling bletherings of a knee-jerk reaction jerk,
    a poseur who wouldn’t recognize “journalism” if she were sitting on his lap.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Hmm two questions beg to be answered;
    Were “Aryan Nations” first ? Second?
    Is a speakers line up of “first Nations” also be said to be prejudicial to tax payers?
    Who after all come in all colors.
    What ever color they are they seem to be mighty thin on the “standing in the road” side of the blockades.
    Hint they are the ones being blockaded.
    Gonna have to start a “Tax me no more to pay the un-taxable” movement.
    I see this morning the Attawapiscat Nation is blockading DeBeers winter road.
    The Mayor must be back from her condo in Florida.

  3. Brian Mouland Says:

    Anotehr msm brain washing puppy. Bark Bark Dan; roll over an play dead

  4. Sue Says:

    As Norm Spector instantly tweeted back to Gardner pointing out that his own paper’s (Ott Citizen) webpage of their Resident Columnists Bios….also could be described the very same way. No?

  5. Blame Crash Says:

    That is quite the original content that Dan the Man has enlightened us with here. It’s not very often that one gets treated to such deep intellectual insight that links a group of wobbly kneed, head scratching, beard pulling, chin stroking, Canadian political geeks with gangs of violent American cross burning low lives. Who knew such a thing could be true before Enlightened Dan said that it was so?
    Of course I’m being sarcastic. The truth is that there is nothing even remotely original about these mutterings. All the full fledged members of the Toronto Media Party plagiarize all their ideas from the Democratic Party Prog propagandists at the NY Times. When they read example after example of said Progs linking conservatives with racist outfits, they then go into their “monkey see, monkey do” mode and repeat over and over. It’s easy work with no brains required.
    But in the end, this is just another example of accusing others of what they themselves are especially guilt of. Take another look! Who’s the real bigot here? Is it the accused or the accuser?
    Case Closed!

  6. hermesacat Says:

    Personally, I don’t view Gardner as racist for pointing out that conservative group lacks much racial diversity. But it’s evidently a case of the pot calling the kettle black ’cause if one views the avatars of the list of Twitter folk Gardner follows, they are as racially diverse as the conservative group he faults for being too predominantly white. One can’t choose ones work colleagues, but the folks Gardner chooses to follow on Twitter could be termed “whiteys galore”! Dan, don’t be such an obvious hypocrite!

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