Will Sun News do the right thing and expose Theo Fleury for who he really is?

fleury 2

One of the things I most appreciate about Sun News is its unwillingness to let national icons like David Suzuki off the hook as Ezra Levant did (see here) but now we have an issue where they need to ‘walk-the-walk’.

Sun News has given ex-NHLer Theo Fleury massive coverage on his ‘fight’ for sexual abuse victims which continued today (see here) after the Conservative government’s announcement on legislation dealing with sexual predators.

Problem is, Fleury is not the person who Sun News portrays during these interviews:

fleuryfleury 1

These are just two examples of the many I have been told about and will wait until I get permission to post them as well.

Will Sun News now do what they demand of the Media Party?

Update: Fleury has now posted this apology

fleury 3


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