Elections Canada spent $780,000 so far on ‘robocall investigation’


Prince Arthur Herald columnist Daniel Dickin has done a nice job on his blog showing us not only the total amount that Elections Canada has spent to date on the ‘robocall investigation’, but also who has profited.

Dickens posts the Elections Canada Access to Information document here and lists the people and companies who are making a nice chunk of change on the public tab including someone who I’m sure will look very familiar to you here.

Update: Some additional exposure as Huffington Post has Dickin’s blog post up as well (see here)


7 Responses to “Elections Canada spent $780,000 so far on ‘robocall investigation’”

  1. Martin Says:

    The Ottawa Citizen’s Maher-McGregor continue to flog this story, front page news in the last 2 days. Yesterday’s headline reads:
    “Tories admit to ridings robocall”
    The implication I read into this is that the statement relates to the 2011 election robocalls, and not the recent Sask ones. The story concentrates on the later events, but regurgitates all the angles from the previous M&M saga.
    Not a great example of journalistic ethics from the Citizen, but not unexpected.

    • Brian Mouland Says:

      Live in Saskatchewan and got one of those calls it mentioned the realignment of the ridings and was totallly unrelated to the election. See if any MSM journalist will tell you that

  2. Jen Says:

    Journalism in canada has deteriorated; every man for himself and which I must add are doing a FAR FAR FAR BETTER JOB researching like Daniel Dickin and many other bloggers as well. No need for journalism credentials anymore.

    CBC CTV would rather hound you down for recvealing their lack of work than to admit their neglect.
    BTW, we are still waiting for those lib mps and ndp to repay their election loans which they owe since 2005-6. So far, the national media and EC have yet to collect the loans

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ~200k in investigative work…. would love to see the name of these investigators.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Check out Dickin’s post as their names are posted

      • Alain Says:

        Yes, and that list is unbelievable. It even includes the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, so you really have to wonder how that fits in with an investigation of robocalls. I knew EC was a corrupt bunch but didn’t know it was this rotten.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Elections Canada will continue to waste our money. I’m sure it helps they have the opposition and media on side driving another gotcha targeting the Conservatives.
    An investigation of EC should be undertaken but apparently they answer to no one, it’s a body unto itself and beyond reproach.

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