CTV and reporter Robert Fife continues being deceptive about Conservative senator quote

robert fife

It looks like CTV’s Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife is doubling-down on going after Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau instead of coming clean about falsely attributing a quote (see here) to him.

Buried at the bottom of Fife’s latest story about Brazeau is this:

The latest revelations come as Brazeau faces heat for mocking Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence at a recent fundraiser in Ottawa for a provincial Conservative candidate.

“Oh poor Theresa Spence,” Brazeau is heard saying in audio recording captured at the event and provided to CTV News by Metroland Media.

But he denies saying Spence looks “fatter” after her six-week liquids-only diet. He says that comment came from someone else in the room.

Since CTV News reported on Brazeau’s comments last week, better quality of the audio recording has emerged, but it’s still unclear who said the word. (see here)

And that folks is how the Media Party operates.

Also: See a few earlier posts on Fife’s style of reporting here, here and here

Update: It’s being reported that Brazeau has been removed from the CPC caucus and is in police custody due to a domestic accusation

Update: From APTN News

There has been no confirmation of media reports that Sen. Brazeau was arrested Thursday morning following a domestic violence call.


17 Responses to “CTV and reporter Robert Fife continues being deceptive about Conservative senator quote”

  1. plantguy Says:

    You mean ex-Conservative Senator don’t you?

  2. Jen Says:

    Ah well, what can you do with Robert Fife other than he knows his place around the Liberals or else if he does interfer, BOB RAE will come after him to ‘SHUT HIM

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    The fact that Patrick Brazeau was considering a law suit against Fife the knife is why there was 30 minutes of a nasty, nasty attack against Brazeau on the CTV’s Don Martin show tonight. What a hatchet job on someone who hasn’t even been questioned or charged yet. They even had mad Tom MulCair on acting so gleeful. (He called Don Martin MIKE) lol.What a bunch of fools. Wonder if they will clip that part out of the show like they did with Iggy?What would MuClair do if he is the government in 2015 with the senate?(asked by Martin) Answer…Depends on the situation when we get there said MuCair. What a JOKE!!!!
    Then we get that hypocrite MP Charlie Angus putting in his showboating snarky, sickening remarks, blaming PM Harper for everything and anything but breathing.This from the guy who defended Chief Spence to the death. even after the daming audit came out about how she managed her reserve. There he was, sitting there shooting off his mouth like a holyier then you hypocrite.

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    check out this tape of Charlie Angus and Ralph Goodale…what hypocricy.


  5. mahmood Says:

    Yeh, I’m pretty sure the Pierre and Maggie hullabaloo didn’t so much as cause a ripple with the cops or the press.

  6. fhl Says:

    yes Pierre Trudeau gave Margaret Trudeau a black eye nice behaviour from our late former Prime Minister

  7. Liz J Says:

    Brazeau will be hammered more because he’s a Conservative appointed Senator no matter what the outcome of his personal problems. However, when people are appointed to the Senate they need to be mature enough to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the responsibilities of the appointment and serve honorably. Perhaps Patrick Brazeau will show maturity and resign from the Senate, bad judgement is not the hallmark of responsibility, the PM deserves at least that.

    Mike Duffy is another one the media have a hate on for because of his appointment by a Conservative PM, most thought he was one of “them”, a Liberal. He will be given a rougher ride than Mac Harb, Liberal Senator, being investigated over housing expenditures.

  8. Jen Says:

    Angus likes what Spence is doing to her people. no word of outrage to her for disallowing her people access to jobs. Angus just like Spence need to use the innocent natives plight as an execuse to further their own personal agendas.

    Does the NDP favourite UN know how stupid they look for being used by the NDP .

    The media well, they would take down anyone and everyone who is connected to the Conservatives.

    Like the Iraqi man in Bagdad told a reporter a few years back, “that media(iraq media) is not our media, it is Saddam’s.

    Exactly the same here ‘the media here is not canada’s media; they are the liberals ndp own media.’

  9. rich Says:

    re: brazeau, this has been going on for sometime; when brazeau left the afn & formed the congress of aborginal organization, because of his critism of the afn lack of accountability

  10. Liz J Says:

    Well one thing is obvious, the media hacks and hounds are giddy with glee to have a Conservative appointed senator in this sort of trouble. The overkill on reporting and some of the usual jackasses who sit in opposition calling for banishing the Senate matches up with the immaturity shown by Brazeau who let down the PM and all those who serve in the Upper Chamber.

  11. Jen Says:

    Robert Fife seems to forget that he is NOT NOT NOT the only source to getting out news to canadians. Unfortunately for Fife he has no way out but stick to the ole boys club- you scratch my back and I scratch yours sort of deal.
    Fortunately for us we have other means to access information and REAL NEWS.

    Elizabeth May is in Washington DC to talk about the keystones which we all know what her decided plan is yet she has yet to go to Venezuela to do the samething about ‘NOT’ wanting Venezuela’s polluted oil travelling that far to BC shores and that the oil received goes through BC pipelines.
    Robert Fife if he had an ounce of brain would have figured it out by now that L.M wants to do away with OUR ECONOMY which comes from the OILSANDS to other nations. Not once has he figured out that, if we do away with our economy, CTV CBC and all the ‘freak’ show media etc will all be out of jobs, b/c, of no revenues coming into canada to feed our nation.

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