Liberal senator’s RCMP breach-of-trust investigation coming up on two years – Media Party silent


In all the massive amount of media coverage on the audit into expenses claimed by Conservative senators Patrick Brazeau, Mike Duffy and Liberal senator Mac Harb, I have not run across a single mention of Harb’s criminal investigation by the RCMP (see here).

Tell me how it is possible for the Ottawa Press Gallery to collectively suffer from amnesia so often?

Update: For more evidence of the Media Party whitewashing, check out Evan Solomon’s CBC radio website which completely missed mentioning Harb here



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  1. Jen Says:

    Tell me how it is possible for the Ottawa Press Gallery to collectively suffer from amnesia so often?

    Amensia? apparently a person with amensia has some form of memory if they work hard at.
    But not the media, OTTAWA PRESS is VERY AFRAID of their own shadow and of their own kind- liberals and NDP.
    They are afraid of what Chretien might do if they dare ‘tell’ the other side of the story concerning RCMP 2yrs investigation into senator Mac Harb.

    Dean, I bet you that LIBERAL senator is praying that his name is not mentioned in the media. But, like I said before, there are other sources to getting information than the regular media.


  2. Roger Says:

    “Media Party silent” is an understatement. I follow politics closely and I wasn’t aware of this story until I read you on twitter today.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Yep, Mac Harb said over and over that Chretien was the best PM Canada ever had and presto, he got himself a Senate seat.
    The media hacks are reluctant to mention Harb, he’s last on their mention list but it was known some time ago, before Duffy or Brazeau were fingered. Betting if there were no perceived discrepancies by the Conservatives Senators there would be no investigation, at least not public. If it takes that long to check out such allegations you have to wonder why when they know what they’re looking for. Could it be they want to look for other little things to embellish the story? Apparently Duffy was trying to get a PEI health card, how bad is that?

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    Tell me how it is possible for the Ottawa Press Gallery to collectively suffer from amnesia so often?”

    Because ALLEGEDLY, they are unashamedly biased almost beyond belief. That is why.

  5. fhl Says:

    I found this on Mac Harb
    I guess it has been settled??????? NOT

  6. Martin Says:

    Harb is mentioned in a couple of Ottawa Citizen stories today on Senate reform, but his name comes up as one of the residency discrepancy problems, not this much more serious issue. I had never read this story, or else forgotten it. Thanks for reminding me, another instance of news reporting coming from blogs, not the consensus media.

  7. John Roy Shaver Says:

    Last night’s CTV news Fife mentioned “conservative Senator Mike Duffy” and “Senator Mac Harb”,no mention that he is a Liberal.

  8. Jen Says:

    Like this John:
    When negative the media says Conservative Gov…….
    When negative the media says Government….. no mention of liberal before Gov.

    What is it about the media hatred towards conservatives but love terrorists, ceriminals and radical groups that would do more harm to them (media). Is there someone in the background hovering over the media. Looks so to me.
    In other words, the media would never beable to acknowledge their so call love for canada to save their hinds because they would be laughed at out of town by those same people.

    PMHarper has work very hard to keep canada afloat and pride. But seems to me the media wants the country our canada to fall big time so that they can blame the gov then use all the work accomplished by the CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT, for the liberals.
    Right now Trudeau has not been in the HOC for almost a year have missed numerous of votes vital for the natives.
    Canada is NOTHING to the media nor to those liberals and ndp who want to put and end to our economy.

    Again, the media are looking forward to the downfall to your country John….anything to get rid of the Conservative Party.

  9. Jen Says:

    How to get access to Scrums on CPAC. Unfortunately I can’t find yesterday’s scrums.

    • fhl Says:

      I think this is the link Jen

      • Jen Says:

        thanks fhl, but what I was trying to look for was Friday, Feb 8, 2013 -it can’t be found or maybe I am going about searching for it the wrong way.

        • fhl Says:

          Jen hope you found what you were looking for.
          Try bottom pick shows scrums comes up along with the other shows and date aired.
          to capture older ones go to right and use arrow to bring you to the date you are looking for.
          it took me a while to get familiar with the new page but now I find it a BIG improvement

  10. Robert Connon Says:

    We are talking about the same left wing media that tried so hard and I mam sure is still trying to stop Sun News Network from getting a even playing field from the left leaning CRTC. Be sure to e-mail and even snail mail the CRTC and back Sun News. If SNN looses we all loose.

  11. Thucydides Says:

    And don’t forget the other way to force the Legacy media’s hand; boycott their advertisers and make sure the advertisers know the reason why.

    The press either will start to do their jobs, or die as their funding collapses. Either way is a win for *us*

    • Liz J Says:

      Trouble is , with the CBC boycotting wouldn’t work, we still pay obviously biased hosts like Evan Solomon whether we choose to watch or not. I stopped watching but still paying.

  12. Jen Says:

    In the meantime while all this is happening, Elizabeth May goes to Washington DC to talk to Kerry about the Keystone xl pipelines. to see if Kerry would imo ‘boycott’ the pipelines from where jobs and revenues to help this country grow, doesn’t happen.
    NDP MEGAN LESLIE also went to W.DC to do the same as Liz May is doing. Two parliamentarians trying their best to stop our ECONOMY to suit their own purposes.
    WHO IS LIZ MAY WORKING FOR and how did she get to W.DC without using a drop of oil in her travels.
    The canadian msm apparently don’t mind what these politians are doing period.
    All this is to embarass the fed CPC.
    We have yet to see any foreign politicians come to canada to seek boycotting the very essence that feeds their nation.

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