NDP MP got paid $40,000 by CBC – also continued to vote and debate on CBC matters


NDP MP Andrew Cash got caught in a blatant conflict of interest by Sun News’ David Akin (see here) but now tell me how it was possible for both the NDP and the CBC not to have been aware that Cash had broke his signed agreement?

Also, are there more MPs collecting fat pay-cheques from the CBC?

Update: NDP’s Cash is refusing to stop voting and debating CBC issues (see here)


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  1. jon Says:

    The CBC, of course, will not touch this story. And if they don’t, I think those who can use it to their advantage are Duffy and Wallin — the next time a CBC reporter approaches them for a Q&A session on them having been under fire as of late. One can only imagine the CBC reporter having to explain why the network they work for has yet to report it. And while Akin said “we will have to wait and see” if the other news orgs report this tomorrow, I am fairly confident they wont, based on the pattern so far.

    And the best part, this is a BIPARTISAN issue of sorts with even the Libs too saying Cash should resign from the Heritage committee.

    And just to show you how pathetic the CBC and the rest of the Media Party are, I just Googled the story and only one link is available — SNN (3 hours ago)

    It’s late, after midnight at CBC headquarters in Toronto and they’ve gone home and to bed, except that that some are still around the post important stories…

    Cattle lead Edmonton police on merry chase
    CBC.ca ‎- 45 minutes ago

    And don’t look for Evan Solomon to touch this story tomorrow. No, he will shamelessly look into the camera, pretending he is unaware of the story and focus instead of Tory controversies.


    • Jen Says:

      “I have papers(documents) to show how the conservatives………” says Evans Solomon

      Well, don’t expect that fool to show papers/documents on NDP Cash getting thousands from the taxpaying CBC.
      No siree, if he did, Evans will be fired or sent somewhere in Siberia. Evans has to be a good little boy and obey orders to keep his job which we pay for.

  2. Fay Says:

    Kady O and her media party mean girls will rescue NDP MP Andrew Cash.
    What no story here because they will manipulate some story any story to deflect.
    Sell the CBC, Please!

    • Jen Says:

      Manipulation of the news has been in forefront for decades. How are they(CBC) going to hide from their constant manipulation when twitter, internet, bloggers, facebook covering their manipulation.
      CBC can try fooling the people some of the time but can’t fool those same people all of the time especially when there is the internet, twitter etc are around to conner them (CBC)

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    Where’s NDP Showboat Charlie Angus….what? No news conference?

  4. Martin Says:

    The other media outlets tend to ignore any stories first aired on SunTV. This one is so blatant that it will be hard to keep it under wrap. I expect CBC to studiously ignore it, but other outlets might air it, simply because Liberals are also outraged. Kinsella has commented on his blog, and John McCallum has called for Cash to leave the committee.

  5. ohboy Says:

    Ahhh…due to the seriousness of this bi-partisan event, you’ll have to excuse the LSM as they are in a conundrum as to how to react to this little gem of a scoop. Side with the liberals and you’re siding with the Conservatives as well.

    You see they are already trying to hedge their bets as to who will emerge as the top dog progressive party when coming into the 2015 election. Will it be anti evangelical mulclair & the ndp-istas, or youngblood trudeau of the Facebook party?
    This makes it very hard for the msm’s ‘math is hard, but integrity is even harder’ crowd as they haven’t a clue as to which way to turn and it scares them to a sleepless distraction.
    This has never happened before whereas the 3rd party afterthought ndp are possible contenders for the keys to the treasury room.
    Should the msm fools pick the wrong party to side with…well progressives have long bitter memories so there go the perks.

    The lazy msm running dogs haven’t had to think so hard in all their collective recent memory and they are most certainly in a quandry.(Think hamsters in a lab experiment whereby the perimeter walls have been removed and they are out in the middle of the floor with no place to go, but running circles).

    As for Cash…he’s a foolish sleaze…and incredibly dumb for believing he was ordained by what god I couldn’t begin to say…. and even dumber for believing he wouldn’d get caught out.

    And the cbc…their corruption knows no bounds that they’ll use anyone to achieve their funding/political ends and discard them like so much used toilet paper… a pox on their house !

    andrew cash should do the honourable thing and resign from the commitee and do the even more honourable thing and resign his seat.

    I won’t hold my breath .

    • Jen Says:

      (Think hamsters in a lab experiment whereby the perimeter walls have been removed and they are out in the middle of the floor with no place to go, but running circles).

      Like caged animals let loose

  6. jon Says:

    Watching P&P now. While Solomon is going to do the Cash conflict-of-interest story, predictably he’s burying it deep into his show. Nearly 6PM EST and still hasn’t gotten to it yet. He’s done the same in the past — taking Justin Trudeau controversies and burying those deep into the show as well. Also, it doesn’t sound like MPs from both the conservatives and libs are going to get in on things. The format, at least as it was laid out at the beginning of his show, seems to indicate it’s just going to be a one-on-one with Cash. Again, similar to the format with JT controversies, where Bob Rae for example would be brought on in a rehabilitation segment with no conservatives following the one-on-one to get their digs in.

    At the besginning of his show, he was rude, belligerent, disruptive and combative with the CP’s Kelly Leitch, leaving her shaking her head throughout the segment.

    Don’t expect the same with Cash. Solomon will go from his aggressive cross examination style to his soft direct examination approach.

    • Jen Says:

      The reason why Evans and the other dreebs at CBC behaving nicely towards the NDP is ‘FEAR’ that’s right, FEAR.
      For decades the CBC has kept the liberals’ corruption thievery or anything damaging news of them from the public and since the NDP signed a ‘COOP’ agreement with the liberals with Dion and Layton and Duceppe as ring leaders; there is no way the CBC can nor dare make the mistake of attacking any of them.
      NDP KNOW that CBC has an obligation to them now just as CBC had, has with the Liberals for decades.

      A while back, Pat Martin, a cp and lib were interviewed by Evans in his regular show. It so happen that close to the end of the show, Pat Martin flat out told Evans that ‘the liberals took $56billion from the E.I. to which Evans responded with a smile and left it at that. No back answer or anything from Evans- the chicken shit so afraid of Pat Martin- the liberals coop friend.

  7. Ian Says:

    Holy crap! Kady O’Malley was going full force at David Akin on her Inside Politics blog at 9:00 tonight using all kinds of nasty sarcasm to describe his allegation against Cash. Of course the CBC is circling the wagons and now has the ethics commissioner on their side stating that she doesn’t see any conflict of interest. Beautiful!

  8. Liz J Says:

    Well, the Ethics Commish apparently told him he did nothing wrong so he’s going to keep doing what he’s doing.
    Do we have another case of different strokes for different folks here? Didn’t our Indian Affairs Minister resign for something far less ominous?

  9. Jen Says:

    You see Ian, every single reporter from CBC CTV G/M, etc are all ORDERED to attack anyone who dare speak against their COOP FRIENDS (NDP, LIBS, BLOC). or if they don’t they will be repremanded big time.
    While we watch the floor show between the media and their endying support for the opposition parties it makes you wonder that Canada had been in this state with the media for decades. This isn’t new.
    This type of behaviour from the media is seen in Cuba, Venezuela, and others like them. Citizens of those countries don’t believe the media at all.

  10. Brian Mouland Says:

    Not one gutless worm at CBC will touch this story

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