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Conservative Senators Behaving Badly. It sounds like the title of a TV show you’d expect to see on the CBC preceding Jack Layton’s epic biopic and following Mary Walsh’s standup socialist comedy.

Well, it’s true that the Canadian Senate has been in the news more often than usual these days and the reason for that stands out more than Michael Ignatieff in a Canucks hockey sweater.

The media love to remind us that Conservative senators, appointed by a Conservative Prime Minister elected on promises of Senate reform and accountability, has utterly and miserably failed to bring about a miracle.

Yes, it is true that Harper has failed to unilaterally form a dictatorship, tear up the constitution, and change the Senate to whatever he’d like it to be. (continue reading here)


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  1. CanadianKimchi Says:

    Will anyone in the Lame Stream Media ask Liberal senator Terry Mercer why he’s the biggest spender in the senate, widely eclipsing Wallin’s and Duffy’s expenses? The biggest spender in the senate is a LIBERAL. Cueing the crickets…….Does it really cost that much to go back and forth from Nova Scotia?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Excellent column, ’tis exactly as you say.

    The media hacks and hounds are only interested in checking out and reporting as front page and lead off news on Conservative Harper appointed Senators. They have had an obsessive hate-on for Duffy since he was appointed so they’re drunk with joy to have something to carp on about. Ditto Pamela Wallin. People appointed to the Senate have to spend time in the provinces they represent, they need a place to call home and they also need a place in Ottawa. This is a vast country, travel is expensive, those from farther away will have to spend more.

    PM Harper has done as much as he can, he has asked provinces to elect Senators to be appointed, this is the best he can do without opening the Constitution. The NDP don’t get it, won’t give them the benefit of calling them purposely obtuse, they’re dense, they think it’s just a flick of a pen and it’s done, the Senate is abolished.

  3. Steven Says:

    Hi BC Blue
    Exactly, I was thinking the same thing / why no scrutiny of Liberal Seanator’s ? / why no outrage from PPG? Its Robocall all over again and again

  4. Jen Says:

    Andy Thompson liberal senator had the worst record for attendance and…..

  5. Jen Says:

    I I remember distinctly of the PM going before the senate committee to discuss reforming the senate as he pointed out from a book from a ‘past’ senator who wrote ‘ the senate needs reforming.’ After reading a few passages from the book the PM was questioned by the senators some were blatantly accusive of him (PM) wanting to copy the american style triple E. Senate reform.
    The media wouldn’t tell you of this.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    Good post, the same old, same old, from the usual suspects at the CBC , they are as clever as the vacuous junior Trudeau.
    Facts do not matter just their prejudices.
    Pathetic. Little. people.

  7. Fred Jensen Says:

    Why is nobody talking about MPs and their expenses? Jack and his wife spent something over $1,000,000 during a single year in “mostly travel” – that’s $20,000 per week between Toronto and Ottawa!

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