Liberal MP accused of lying to Canada Border Services Agency


Someone will have to explain to me how it is possible for Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis to remain inside the Liberal caucus after the CBCA says he intentionally mislead them about the whereabouts of a Greek band:

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis intervened to speed up the passage of five Greek musicians through customs and immigration control this month, allegedly telling officials the quintet was in Toronto to perform at his father’s wake, according to a report into the incident.

In fact, singer Katerina Stanisi and her four band members were in town for a sold-out performance at the Ellas Banquet Hall on Feb. 15 when they were stopped at Toronto Pearson International Airport because they didn’t have the necessary work permits. (see here)

Tell me that isn’t a criminal act?

Also: See earlier post where he says he was being attacked by Turks because he is Greek here


8 Responses to “Liberal MP accused of lying to Canada Border Services Agency”

  1. andycanuck Says:

    Geek typo, BC.

  2. Tim Says:

    The Liberal bureaucraps in our Liberal justice system will ignore this.
    And the Liberal journolists in the Liberal media will go to bat for him, justifying his (alleged) illegal actions.

    • Ian Says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how one sided the MSM is in this country. I guess we should applaud the Globe and Mail and ask what the other national outlets are covering today. In the Globe article Karygiannis is upset that the Globe actually knew about the whole thing stating, “someone at CBSA must have their nose out of joint”. This goes to show how this MP feels that Liberals should be immune to any negative reporting against a Liberal MP.

  3. Brian Mouland Says:

    Under reported in the MSM what a shock

    • Jen Says:

      No wonder they msm, forever crying out ‘there is democracy no freedom. because their is NONE for them at their work. I would not consider CBC is such a place nor is CTV etc. Reporters here look strain stupid and ignorant while the likes of Free and Democractic media write what they see and know (real reporting) without having to feel fear from their bosses.
      Once a reporter looses his selfworth to satisfy a certain group. they become pawns used and kicked around by radicals, criminals and even terrorists to suit their own agenda. And, not one of those reporters can nor dare make the mistake of telling those radicals “I love canada therefore you can’t do this or that” because they would be laughed at out of town by those radicals.
      So I am not shocked at the media reporting anymore since they have proven to themselves who what they stand for and that my friend is not for CANADA.

  4. Liz J Says:

    The media hacks and hounds like Bobby Fife et al are way too busy chasing after Conservative senators to worry about the likes of Jimmy K.
    There are 101 to 1 hits on Mike Duffy or Pamela Wallin expenditures, while Liberal senators like Mac Harb. who have been sitting in the Chamber far longer and spent far more money, are off their radar.

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