US funded groups trying to influence who wins Liberal leadership race

george soros

The American organization Avaaz funded by billionaire George Soros is trying to get MP Joyce Murray elected leader of the Liberal Party:

Avaaz, an even larger online group that supports electoral co-operation, is similarly joining the fray, sending an email alert to its more than 500,000 Canadian members, urging them to participate in the democratic process of the party of their choice.

“But we also let them know that … there is a leadership race where co-operation is up for grabs and in this case it’s the Liberal party’s leadership race and there’s a candidate who’s clearly out for co-operation,” said Emma Ruby-Sachs, a campaign director with Avaaz. 

Also trying to decide who becomes the next Liberal leader is the NDP-backed Leadnow and the Dogwood Initiative which is funded by the US-based organization, Tides. (see here)

Imagine if it were US conservative groups trying to interfere in Canadian leadership races – the Media Party would go ape.


13 Responses to “US funded groups trying to influence who wins Liberal leadership race”

  1. Loren Maluorno Says:

    Well there you go, nothing will ever change! The U.S. has had their nose in our Country ever since just after the war of 1812. Did we really win?….hmmmmm, I think not!

    • Magnafan (@Magnafan) Says:

      I think your tongue is in your cheek. Nevertheless, I have to say that Avaaz, Tides, and some other well-funded front groups are anti-American, anti-democratic–and probably anti-you.

    • Ian Says:

      This seems to be solely related to Murray being an environmentalist and someone who wants “electoral cooperation” which I translate into “unite the left”. There’s a consensus among the left that the only way to beat Harper is to unite like the reform and alliance did. There have been other examples of Canadian political parties being helped out by American groups, and I believe the conservatives did it in the last election or the one in 06. No biggie.

  2. LynnS Says:

    And Warren Kinsella was worried about conservatives. Looks like Justin will get a run for his money from Americans and the NDP. Now that’s ironic.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Is this stuff even legal, or would it matter since it’s anti-Conservative? If Joyce Murray is aware of this is she part of it?
    If she’s not she should be made aware and denounce any such interference with the politics of this Sovereign country.

  4. Jen Says:

    I am not at surprise it was coming.
    With Megan Leslie Elizabeth May going to the states to ‘have the OILSANDS KEYSTONE XLP shut down the american billionaire saw an opening to enchancing their own personal wealth on their country’s oil while helping joyce murray and Elizabeth May destroy or put a stop to their own canada’s wealth and well being.

    What do you consider people who go overeas or to our neighbour USA to shut down their own economy.
    Have we seen chinese man or american or any other from their own country come to canada to have their country’s economy stop due to the heavy pollution. I have not.
    Any one who does this to their country is not to be trusted.
    If Chretien or Paul Martin or quak coo was living in Alberta other than Stephen Harper. Liz May, Megan Leslie would not have bothered nor dare make the mistake of attacking our economy-oilsands.

  5. john davis Says:

    Thanks BC Blue. There is no doubt this is related to Suzuki endorsing Joyce Murray a week or two ago.

  6. JustMe Says:

    Avaaz is nothing but a propaganda mill in the disguise of grassroots activism. It has in the past interfered in federal by elections, where’s the investigation into this foreign group’s nefarious campaign activities.

  7. Joseph Says:

    Oh the irony. After years of coopting left wing special interest groups, those same groups have now coopted the liberal party.
    I predict that if the supporter votes end up exceeding the dues paying membership vote, there could be alot more liberal voters complaining about their party leaving them.

  8. Greg Renouf Says:

    I gatecrashed the Liberal “Leadership Showcase” in Toronto on Saturday. Right as Suzuki comes on the screen I look to my left and see an anarchist on Murray’s cheerleading team. This guy was at the Battle of Seattle WTO where the TIDES funded Ruckus Society smashed up the city, he was also at the G20, and a number of other militant events.

    Seeing that Murray is backed by all of these organizations, then seeing this guy at the conference, gets me very curious about what’s happening here…

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