National Post’s Chris Selley loves Toronto Star’s TMZ-style of reporting


This column “Toronto Star vs Rob Ford: Huzzah for ruthless reporters” by the National Post’s Chris Selley is one of the biggest pieces of crap I’ve ever read.

Not only does Selley dump on his co-worker Christie Blatchford, he does it by supporting some of the most disgusting ‘journalism’ in recent Canadian memory:

To my mind, those tactics are in fact in the best tradition of a very ruthless brand of journalism that we don’t often see in Canada. The Star sent a reporter to Huntsville because Mr. Ford had skipped out on the Pride Parade to spend time with family; if he wasn’t there, say, that would have been a story. What Ms. Blatchford describes as “staking out his backyard at night” was in fact a reporter having a look at a parcel of public land that Mr. Ford wanted to buy. (I don’t think that’s very ruthless at all, actually.) When Mr. Ford visited KFC, he was on a very public diet, and wasn’t losing very much weight. (see here)

Maybe Selley can tells us last time he broke away from his online Dungeons and Dragons game, swept off the Doritos crumbs from his shirt and did some real reporting? And while he’s at that, he can publish the names of everyone at Postmedia who has had drug or alcohol problems.

It’s pretty easy for people like Chris Selley who don’t actually put their money where their mouths are and run for office to say it’s ok to stalk politicians.

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Classless Toronto Star at it again – this time with Ralph Klein

klein star

For the passing of former Alberta premier Ralph Klein, the Toronto Star runs this photo of him.

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Trudeau confirms he would kick out anti-abortion MPs from his caucus

trudeau abortion 1trudeau abortion

Quite the declaration from a practising Catholic – Media Party freedom fighters off for the long weekend…

Green’s May compares Harper to North Korean dictator

may green

How nutty is Green Party leader Elizabeth May you might ask?

h/t @robbincanada

CBC’s The National runs story featuring bullet-ridden Jesus Christ painting

cbc jesus christ

Remind me again if Peter Mansbridge ran those Danish Mohammed cartoons?

Watch the CBC segment here with the Jesus Christ bullet-ridden painting at apx the 1:25 mark

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