CBC’s president lied to Parliament


On his show (see here), Sun News’ Ezra Levant lays out how CBC President Hubert Lacroix lied during his ‘testimony’ at a hearing of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Status of Women.

status of women

Will the seven Conservative members who sit on that committee allow Lacroix to get away with it?


Chretien’s reaction to Chavez’s death is all you need to know about him


I’ll await the Media Party to fully condemn Jean Chretien:

“On a personal basis, I had very good relation with him,” Chretien told CBC’s Power and Politics Tuesday night. “He did his best, even if we did not agree at all times on many issues.”

“Always Chavez tried to have normal elections. Some people would say it was not completely normal but it was much better than other countries that were officially communist,”

The outspoken Venezuelan leader “was not a great admirer of the Americans and he was not shy to discuss that,” Chretien said.

But he had a good relation with Canada and “always felt that Canada was a good country.” (see here)


Makes me sick to think he was Canada’s prime minister.


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