Chretien’s reaction to Chavez’s death is all you need to know about him


I’ll await the Media Party to fully condemn Jean Chretien:

“On a personal basis, I had very good relation with him,” Chretien told CBC’s Power and Politics Tuesday night. “He did his best, even if we did not agree at all times on many issues.”

“Always Chavez tried to have normal elections. Some people would say it was not completely normal but it was much better than other countries that were officially communist,”

The outspoken Venezuelan leader “was not a great admirer of the Americans and he was not shy to discuss that,” Chretien said.

But he had a good relation with Canada and “always felt that Canada was a good country.” (see here)


Makes me sick to think he was Canada’s prime minister.



10 Responses to “Chretien’s reaction to Chavez’s death is all you need to know about him”

  1. Bocanut Says:

    What would you expect from a leader who ordered students pepper-sprayed for demonstrating against a foreign dictator?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Appears the political Left in Canada has lost a friend. Who would have thought!
    Begs the question: are we missing something here?

  3. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Wonder if the Trudeaus and Chretien will go to his funeral. Sickening how progressives suck up to dictators. Trudeau Sr. was the same.

    • Jen Says:

      Well,,,,,, Trudeau loves Fidel Castro and this Castro was a very close buddy of Chavez ; I guess he will disappear for the upteenth time to attend the funeral and make speeches like ” all the best PMs come from Quebec and that the problem we have now in canada is because we have a westerner for a PM.”

  4. Sean M Says:

    Is anyone really surprised that the little thug from Shawinigan has nothing but praise for a foreign dictator. Chretiens revolutionary comrade Trudeau the 1st was exactly the same in his open admiration of every dictator and third world despot on the planet. Trudeau and Chretien did their best to destroy Canada, a couple of fraud artists and tribal revolutionaries. Chretien is just lucky he’s not in jail… hell awaits the old crook.

  5. bertie Says:

    ARE WE LIVING IN BIZZARO WORLD??Have the Liberals ever done anything for the country? Seems to me whenever they have been in power,it has always been what is good for the Liberals,not Canada..Now that we have a Prime Minister that looks after Canada first,we now have 4 opposition parties and Canada,s press corps fighting tooth and nail for the old corrupt days and the hell with Canada..What is wrong that so many people wait years and years to get here and become good Canadians because they love Canada and yet we have the old Canadian political establishment and press trying to destroy it. BIZZARO WORLD FOR SURE

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Actually Chretien did mention he fundamentally disagreed with him. For all those calling him a leftist, he was not a leftist like Trudeau sr. was. In fact the biggest cuts in the size of government occurred in Chretien’s first term, not under either Mulroney or Harper. One can like someone as a person and strongly disagree with their views. I found Jack Layton a likeable person, but I disagreed with his politics and never would have voted for him.

    • Sean M Says:

      Yes, by 1993 the years of Trudeau debt had to finally be dealt with. Chretin and Martin had no choice but to make cuts, it is, however, interesting where they chose to cut, eg. Heathcare and post secondary education took the biggest hit leaving the Provinces holding the bag, which they in turn downloaded on to the municipalities. Chretin had his priorities straight when forced to make cuts and thats why he cut healthcare and education in transfers to the Provinces, but increased spending in his favourite tribal cause, “bilingualism”. Trudeau, Chretin… different pile, same crap.

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