Rob Ford gotcha-photo embarrasses Toronto says Star editors


According to the Toronto Star, an unflattering picture taken makes one unfit to be mayor:

There’s Ford — mouth open, eyes closed, with a mysterious stain blossoming on his shirt — Toronto’s glorious leader. Care to invest in his city? (see here)

Yet they have no issues with this one of course.




16 Responses to “Rob Ford gotcha-photo embarrasses Toronto says Star editors”

  1. JoeFrmEdm Says:

    Suck it up Al-STARzeera……….

  2. Tim Says:

    But all the Progressive Pinheads love Justin,so his idiotic behaviour is seen as”cool”. Just imagine the garbage we’re gonna get handed when he lies his way into the PM’s office.,

  3. andycanuck Says:

    I’ve forgotten the source (probably Kathy Shaidle) but despite Justin being at the Jewish org’s party and Premier Wynne, everybody wanted to talk to and have their photo taken with Mayor Ford.

  4. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    “Mouth open, eyes closed” you say, Toronto Star? How dare Mayor Ford breath and blink!

    You can catch anyone looking terrible with a camera. I know from experience that even when trying to get a good and flattering shot of a politician at a press conference, you have to sift through many where their mouth is pursed funny as they are enunciating words, have an odd expression, etc.

  5. mahmood Says:

    Nice pic but where’s the Star photo of Layton on the massage therapist’s table.

  6. gerry from gta Says:

    The Toronto Red Star is notorious for it’s anti-Ford Bias. Actually anybody right-of center-left bias. 🙂

    The Star seems to have missed how various attendees of the event including two Vaughn city councilors have pointed out it was a “set-up” and no such inappropriate touching event occured. CP24 and various other media outlets have interviewed alot of people and the only person pushing this story is a failed Mayoral candidate for Toronto, who then dropped out and backed former-Liberal Cabinet Minister Smitherman in his race against Ford who also failed. She told a different story to every media outlet where the story changed from hour to hour. Even the CBC out of all media has acknowledged that this smells bad but the Star holds on. Hey the Star has been backing a return of Olivia Chow as a mandate as a Mayoral Candidate in the next Federal Election. The Star has never held the public good or the truth to be relevant in their goals.

    For people outside the GTA, every columnists & so-called reporter from the Toronto Red Star has been negative to Mayor Ford since way-before the election and have what one could describe behaviour as propagating hatred towards him. As an aside the Toronto Star has more opinion than actually news stories — even so-called news stories are more opinion than fact. If one wanted to create a course on Media & Propaganda, one would use the Soviet Pravda, the Chinese State News Agency and the Toronto Red Star as good examples. 🙂 Hey the Toronto Red Star is even more biased than the CBC. Go figure?

    Ford got rid of a city owned garbage collection service that abused the public with poor service and arrogance and multiple garbage strikes that were allowed to continue without bounds. The replacement contractor has been marvelous. They are efficient, courtious, and even helpful — OMG I am shocked by this — some garbage workers who do this — what a pleasant change from the previous civil servants. 🙂 The contractors have been great and if city residents agree should write their city councilors and cc the Mayor. It is important to cc the mayor.

    My city councillor never replied to me prior to me starting to cc the Mayor — seems city regulations do not require city councillors to keep public records on who contacts them or pass them on to successors or keep for the public record.

    He has year after year put in place a city budget by the beginning of the fiscal year or just shortly after (within 1-2 weeks) — previous mayours put in place budgets 4-6 months after the year started and they would over-spend and run up the deficit & debt.

    He has managed to balance the budget yet our previous mayors & councils run up one hell of a debt/deficit despite adding on extra taxes.

    I used to commute to Burlington for several years and encountered bad road conditions on the QEW but the Gardner was worse — since he took over the roads under Toronto control have been properly plowed & salted and found them to exceed QEW standards.

    He trashed the very unpopular car registration tax which taxed car owners $60+ per year for just owning a car.

    Ford cut off the gravy train that many NDP’ers & Liberals gained a windfall and that is why they are after him.

    All the constant law suits against Mayor Ford seem to refer back to a single individual tied in with Olivia Chow and considering the “campaign” seems to indicate that Olivia Chow is preparing her entry as a Mayoral Candidate. Mayor Ford has won all 3 law suits and the attacks continue. Reminds me of the campaign of attrition waged against Mayor O’brien in Ottawa circa 2007/2008 via law suits which he won in the end.

    This latest event seems to give Mayor Ford even more credibility

    This is wrong and Mayor Ford should sue Thomson just to send a message, “if you attack me, I will fight back hard”.

    Socialists are mean vicious animals and only understand a good swift kick to their nether regions. I am sick and tired of these attacks on our Mayor which are backed by most of the main stream media. Many others are also and I expect Mayor Ford to get even a stronger proportion of the vote next election.

    gerry from gta

  7. Fay Says:

    Toronto Star’s treatment of the mayor of Toronto is shameful.
    I realize the Toronto star has a Liberal history but the continual bashing of Rob Ford is unprecedented!

  8. andycanuck Says:

    I haven’t seen the claim elsewhere to judge its veracity but a Sun commenter said there were two other photos taken of her with Ford, or at the same time, and Thomson hasn’t released them.

    • gerry from gta Says:

      Hey if there is proof she should show it — my gut feeling is there is not — the shifting stories from media outlet to outlet and the interview with vaughn councillors who do not know Ford personally plus the other interviews of other people seem to suggest this is a manufactured crisis for political reasons.

      The intensity of attacks from Mayor Ford’s opponents border on the fanatical/obsessed. The question should be why? What are they losing to be so fanatical? Is this ideology or just access to a gravy train or political power or something else? You have to admit the attacks have gone way overboard and have increased in viciousness.

      gerry from gta

  9. Jen Says:

    If Joe Fontana was a PC/conservative and stole money from the ontarians for his own personal use the entire globe would hear of it but alas he is a liberal therefore he is free to do as he pleases which he did. He took thousands of dollars from the public; was charged for it and look he is still the Mayor,,,,
    If Rob Forb was Liberal, without a doubt in mind, none of this would exist.

    Why is the msm so traumatized into ignorance. They remind me of Hugo Chavez’s media, that if one of his reporter dare speak against him they face jail time. Well same here, these canadian media instead of going to jail are more traumatized.

    • john Says:

      That is great news Brian. Now would be a good time to hit Toronto Star advertisers with a letter saying you are not going to deal with them because of their affiliation with the Star. Kick the Star in it’s balls while it’s down.

  10. fhl Says:

    Who is the man in the picture with Rob Ford ? there is a mans hand and arm on Rob Ford’s left shoulder.
    just asking

  11. fhl Says:

    Error that should be Rob Ford’s right shoulder Sorry who is the man on Rob Ford’s left giving him a warm hug

  12. Liz J Says:

    This has all the earmarks of a set-up attempt by a sore loser and it failed miserably. In fact if Ford wanted to sue for defamation he’d be well within his rights. IMO he should.

  13. Brian Mouland Says:

    Facebook and the press first, cops second; zero credibility

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