Liberal MP Garneau broke CRTC law with robocalls


Well, well… another Liberal has been found breaking identification laws in regards to telephoning people:

Former Liberal leadership contender Marc Garneau’s campaign has admitted a contentious robocall telephone survey it conducted last week did not comply with federal caller identification rules for political polling. (see here)

Far as I remember, Garneau joins his caucus mate Frank Valeriote (see here) as the only two MPs caught for these illegal robocalls.


CBC calls murdering terrorist a “key player”


Leave it to the CBC to call Paul Rose (who was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte by strangulation) a “FLQ October Crisis key player”.

Update: Global News’ headline “Paul Rose, a prominent figure in Quebec history, and October crisis, has died” (see here)

Trudeau answers legitimate question with “they’re full of shit”


Yup, this guy wants to be PM.

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