CBC calls murdering terrorist a “key player”


Leave it to the CBC to call Paul Rose (who was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte by strangulation) a “FLQ October Crisis key player”.

Update: Global News’ headline “Paul Rose, a prominent figure in Quebec history, and October crisis, has died” (see here)


6 Responses to “CBC calls murdering terrorist a “key player””

  1. Pissedoff Says:

    CBCs Life of Jack, next CBCs Life of Rose.

  2. Clive Says:

    Much to my surprise, the Postmedia papers are referring to him as a terrorist. Amir Khadir however, thinks is a national hero. Amir Khadir needs to be deported.

  3. Sean M Says:

    A terrorist piece of excrement that should have been hung along with his terrorist comrades.

  4. Brian Mouland Says:

    Rose was a murdering piece of scum; no more,no less .Rot in hell!

  5. Jen Says:

    The thing with CBC is that they never experience fear as of yet. CBC imo is a dungeon of evil; they will or are reaping their own demise. My advise to the CBC reporters who value their lives to ‘get the hell out of there..’

    • gerry Says:

      Quebec is full of Paul Roses.I’m 73 yrs of age,and I hope I live long enough to see Quebec gone from Canada.I wish that PM Harper would call a spade a spade,and stop his appeasing Quebec.

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