Liberal MP Garneau broke CRTC law with robocalls


Well, well… another Liberal has been found breaking identification laws in regards to telephoning people:

Former Liberal leadership contender Marc Garneau’s campaign has admitted a contentious robocall telephone survey it conducted last week did not comply with federal caller identification rules for political polling. (see here)

Far as I remember, Garneau joins his caucus mate Frank Valeriote (see here) as the only two MPs caught for these illegal robocalls.


8 Responses to “Liberal MP Garneau broke CRTC law with robocalls”

  1. bettie Says:

    Where is all the furore in the media???

  2. dmorris Says:

    You must have seen this article,which tiptoes around mentioning any Party or person by name,but DOES mention the Guelph robocalls. Readers can safely infer that the only malfeasance was in Guelph,and those filthy Conservatives were behind it !

    The investigation by Elections Canada turned out to be as useless as the organization, 21 months of … what? A bloody waste of taxpayers money!

    With robocalls alleged in 234 ridings, and the current investigation in Guelph having taken 21 months,by the time all Ridings are investigated several centuries will have passed. By that time,maybe the media will have gotten over their hatred of Harper.

    And after all that time and expense, EC can only recommend more regulations. Bureaucratic twits.

  3. Brian Mouland Says:

    Where are Maher and McGregor

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with him stepping away from the leadership race. Right?

  5. Michael Harkov Says:

    And also, this will undoubtedly be pursued rigorously by MacDougal and Mahrer. Uh…..yeah…..right.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      Sorry, that should read McGregor.

      • Bucky Says:

        Not a chance. Those two twits don’t have not one shred of integrity. Nor journalistic skills for that matter. They should be writing for, not a major chain of newspapers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the payroll of the NDP or the Fiberals.

  6. Sean M Says:

    You;re right Blue, the only candidates of political parties associated with the “Robocalls scandal” have been federal Liberals. Although that is not the perception that the media gives. Remember it’s only a “scandal” when the conservatives do it. It says a lot about how corrupt the media in this country really are, and how far they are willing to go to take down a Government they don’t like, as the media have planted an impression within the public arena that Robo calls “scandal” is a conservative “scandal” when in fact only Liberals have been found to be abusing this process. Deliberate deception… disgraceful!

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