My latest Midnight Sun column: “Of course Jack Layton’s whorehouse visit wasn’t a sex scandal”

jack_layton massage

When is a political sex scandal an actual scandal in the media?

Well, that depends on whether the person involved in the scandal is a liberal or a conservative. In the case of Rob Ford, the much maligned, despised, and mistrusted mayor of Toronto, it’s a scandal when he’s accused of groping someone during a photo-op.

For former federal NDP leader Jack Layton — who was caught visiting a Toronto bawdy house — not so much. (continue reading at Midnight Sun News)


My column boycott organizer poses with Bob Rae for media

cherish clarke

Just so no one can ever doubt that a Liberal operative organized the Idle No More boycott against Whitehorse businesses over my column in the Midnight Sun News.

Also: See earlier post on this boycott here and my response here

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