Wife of CBC’s Legislative Reporter caught participating in Liberal scandal

rebecca scott

In December 2011, a BC blogger filed a complaint with CBC’s Ombudsman Kirk Lapointe for an obvious conflict of interest of reporter Stephen Smart’s wife Rebecca Scott, working for BC Liberal leader Christy Clark (see here) and when Lapointe ruled that it indeed was a conflict, the CBC brass pointedly decided to ignore his ruling which was applauded by Smart’s Media Party buddies (see here).

It has now been discovered that Scott was involved in one of the BC Liberals scams of using taxpayers’ money for blatant political purposes:

Threatened on the right flank by a resurgent centre-right party, members of Christy Clark’s office enlisted the services of other government staff at the B.C. legislature to form a B.C. Conservative attack team, The Province has learned.

Team members included a research officer with government caucus, several ministerial assistants, staff at the Premier’s Office and a corporate director of strategic planning for Government Communications and Public Engagement.

The team was under the direction of Dimitri Pantazopoulos, a former principal secretary to Premier Clark who is now on contract with the B.C. Liberal Party, and chaired by Sam Oliphant, then a research officer with government caucus, The Province has learned.

Many of those identified in the private emails have since changed their positions. The following is a list of who was included and their positions at the time of the August and September 2011 emails:

Rebecca Scott, communications co-ordinator and deputy press secretary in the Office of the Premier. (see here)

Please tell me how the CBC will report on the wife of their top BC journalist being caught actively participating in an illegal activity.


6 Responses to “Wife of CBC’s Legislative Reporter caught participating in Liberal scandal”

  1. Jen Says:

    ‘It is business as usual for the CBC’. Not business for the public who pay CBC but business as usual in corruption.
    Kady O’ is not talking about it neither is Solomon so I guess they approved

    • Guffman Says:

      Of course they’re not talking about it, and I’m taking an educated guess that no one at CBC will, especially after they blatantly ignored the ombudsman’s ruling. Just one more example of CBC related corruption, and it’s really sickening that this is allowed to go on, with no one they have to answer to.
      When will the government STOP giving our taxpayer money to this openly biased, cesspool of an organization??

      • Jen Says:

        Kady etc likes the ‘free’ money they are getting FROM TAXPAYERS , for no hard work. So why spoil the ‘freeness’ when she and solomon can get without spoiling the pot.
        Can you imagine what will happen to Kady and the other lame reporters at cbc if they had to find a real job like the rest of us?
        Kady and solomon and the others seem to find comfort attacking other people on corruption but not their very own.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The only CBC programming worth anything is Marketplace and Fifth Estate… fire the rest

  3. mahmood Says:

    Yes, let’s watch this one, should be a hoot.

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