CBC Kady exposes herself as a hypocrite once again

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CBC’s Kady O’Malley latest blog post is on outside legal fees incurred by a federal government ministry:

Public Works officials are refusing to explain why the department has spent nearly $60,000 over the last two years for outside legal advice on matters related to the Ethics Commissioner. (see here)

Funny how O’Malley has no problem with her own employer hiding the exact same thing:

All that can be learned from the invoices is that CBC paid lawyers and investigators at firms in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax to deal with the matters. Details on amounts paid to each firm and whether the bill was for workplace harassment, sexual harassment or another matter have also been removed. (see here)

A sexual predator could be stalking the corridors of the CBC and O’Malley looks the other way.


8 Responses to “CBC Kady exposes herself as a hypocrite once again”

  1. mahmood Says:

    Is the country so bereft of talent we have to employ the likes of Omalley, Solomon, Strombolloopuss et al. Sad state of affairs really.

    • Jckirlan Says:

      The country truly is bereft of talent or it is just the same closed incestuous circle. The smugness of OMalley’s visage is hard to take.

  2. Jen Says:

    Something scary and evil ‘does’ roam in the hallways at CBC. Any mention of their own corruption which O’ Malley, Solomon and others have no choice but to support it in silence….or else, face ‘real’ employment elsewhere. but since she gets ‘free’ money from US CANADIAN TAXPAYERS, it is best for her/them at CBC to look the other way.

    • jon Says:

      All of which I agree with, except that O’Malley and Solomon are forced somehow to tow the company line or face discipline if they don’t. Both are complicit, both are part of the machine and wouldn’t change the type of omission-laden journalism encouraged by their employers. And sadly, the fact-based criticisms both are hit by almost on a daily basis just rolls off like water off a duck’s back. CBC “journalists” are just wired differently… morally and ethically bankrupt.

      Anyone with a degree in journalism who would take taxpayer dollars instead of seeking gainful employment in the private sector tells you all about their character right there. Canadians expect publicly-employed people as a necessity — both elected and unelected officials in gov’t and those who administer programs and services to them across the country… “journalist” though should never be listed as an occupation on any public payroll. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not even open for debate with them.

      The mindset of one in possession of such a degree who could take welfare — and plan to do so until retirement — is by far the more interesting conversation to explore, I feel. For example, I would like to know from each at what stage in their lives did they learn to so easily overcome shame and humiliation? How long did it take each to just accept themselves as lacking any ethics whatsoever? Was choosing to ditch their moral compass a tortuous process for them or was it a seamless transition in the case they didn’t have much of one to begin with? And how does appearing before the camera without even flinching in the face of knowing you’re a welfare bum with a journalism degree — one providing nothing to Canadians that the private sector isn’t already giving them — affect their lives? Is it tough or, considering their ilk, was it, as previously mentioned, a smooth and seamless transition?

      • Earl Johnson Says:

        Jon. Wow. Wow. Another big ass Wow. You have so succinctly said what I have felt for years. Thank You Sir!

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    CBC Kady exposes herself as a hypocrite once again.

    I wouldn’t say she is “exposed” exactly, seeing as she is pretty blatant about it.

  4. Fay Says:

    CBC continues to use Canadian tax dollars to prop up their Liberal friends. it appears as if they are unaccountable!

  5. Brian Mouland Says:

    What of taxpayers money fire that Bubblehead!

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