Who’s lying – CTV, James Moore or David Suzuki Foundation?


Over the scandal of Ontario taxpayer-funded TVO paying for and posting on its website a game involving the bombing of oil pipelines, CBC ran this story in which the David Suzuki Foundation denied receiving proceeds from the game:

The developer of a controversial video game that included depictions of pipeline bombings had said a portion of any proceeds of the game would go to the David Suzuki Foundation, but the organization has denied any relationship with the game maker.

Which contradicted Heritage Minister James Moore assertion:

“There are video games that depict all kinds of pretty aggressive acts — violent acts from time to time — but I think that angle, of the David Suzuki Foundation actually collecting a financial benefit from those who want to play games that depict violence against people who work in our natural resource sector, I think probably goes a little bit too far and I think probably tests the boundary of good taste.”

David Suzuki Foundation CEO Peter Robinson:

responded to Moore’s call by saying the charity hasn’t received any money from the game’s developers, and won’t accept any until they look more closely at it.

“And I would hope that everyone involved in this would, sort of, step back and say, ‘Wait a minute here, what is the real issue we’re trying to look and how could we have a better dialogue?’ so we don’t end up in these types of controversies each time they happen,” (see here)

So, here we have the top official of the Suzuki Foundation basically calling Moore a liar. One big problem though is CTV ran a story with this quote in it:

The David Suzuki Foundation told CTV News “it does not condone violent or illegal activity” but “gladly accepted the donation.” (see here)

CTV is obligated (which of course they should have done anyway) of disclosing who the person at the David Suzuki Foundation told them they had taken the money from the game to help determine who is not telling the truth here.

Although as my friend Moose and Squirrel pointed out, maybe it’s the CBC reporter who is the one lying…



6 Responses to “Who’s lying – CTV, James Moore or David Suzuki Foundation?”

  1. Ian Says:

    The David Suzuki Foundation expects honesty and integrity from the government but thinks they are above that. What a stupid response too. “We do not condone violence but will gladly profit from it”

  2. Guffman Says:

    Suzuki foundation and CBC are corrupt left-wing entities. It gets so sickening to hear story after story like this.
    Many years ago I had respect for them both… now I couldn’t have less respect for either.

  3. FoxtrotBravo Says:

    Suzuki suffers from a fundamental and undeniable flaw: he takes himself too seriously. Because of this, nothing he or his organizations are involved in are above suspicion.

  4. dmorris Says:

    “Although as my friend Moose and Squirrel pointed out, maybe it’s the CBC reporter who is the one lying…”

    You DO realize M&S is a former Soviet Agent, I hope!

    The DSF claims …”“it does not condone violent or illegal activity”, but there’s nothing illegal or really violent about a video game. It’s not as though they voiced approval of the Sea Shepherd Society.

    I believe the DSF has just been embarrassed and is backing away from the controversy. After the MSM goes away,they’ll undoubtedly accept their portion of the sales of the game, in the name of saving the planet.

  5. Liz J Says:

    It sickens me to see how badly our school kids have been brainwashed by Suskooki and helped in so doing by the educators we entrust our kids to. I would suppose James Moore grew up watching the bug doctor who is still being paid for reruns of the Nature of Things on OUR CBC.

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